Oz 1 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Oz 1 - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Development Period: July 2014 - Ongoing
Status: Current Development

This is a micro-game that can be played with just a collection of 36 cards and a minimal number of other easily obtained components (coins, markers, and a pawn).

This will be a cooperative quest type game where players take on the role of one of the travelers (Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion) as they try to reach the Emerald City, then defeat the Wicked Witch, and finally get Dorothy home.  The game consists of three separate Journeys.

The first Journey is Dorothy’s trip from Munchkin Country to the Emerald City to meet with the Wizard of Oz.  Along the way she will meet her three companions (Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion) and encounter numerous obstacles and challenges that the group must overcome.  Upon reaching the Emerald City the companions are given a quest by the Wizard.  They must destroy the Wicked Witch of the West if they are to earn their wishes from the Wizard.

Journey 2 is the group’s quest from the Emerald City in search of the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle in the Winkie Country.  During their journey they’ll encounter obstacles as well as direct attacks by the Wicked Witch’s minions.  If the companions find the Wicked Witch’s castle before they are captured by the Winged Monkeys they will have a better chance at defeating the Wicked Witch.  Should they defeat the Wicked Witch the group will then proceed to Journey 3.

Journey 3 cover’s the group’s travels out of the Winkie Country and back to the Emerald City, where they will be awarded with brains, heart, and courage.  However Dorothy misses the balloon back to Kansas and continues on a journey through the Quadling Country in search of Glinda’s help.  Many obstacles will make this final phase of the game very perilous for Dorothy and her companions.  Should they reach Glinda in time Dorothy will be saved and the game is won!

The players beat the game if they are able to get Dorothy home and lose the game if at any point Dorothy loses her last point of Physical or Mental strength.

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