Heroes and Rogues, Out for Gold

Heroes and Rogues, Out for Gold
(Formerly 18 Cards and No Name)
2-4 Players - 15 minutes
Development Period: September-November 2015
Status: Playtesting

Heroes and Rogues, Out for Gold is a micro action-selection and set-collection game with a bit of deduction thrown in for good measure. The game consists of only 18 cards and a set of rules.  It's for 2-4 players and one round takes 10-15 minutes. It can be played for one round or several and scores tallied.

In this game 2-4 players compete to create a team of adventurers by choosing actions from character cards that are available on the table. Selecting a character from the face-up choices in the center of a table is done by exchanging one card from your hand with one on the table. Then the action of the character that was selected is taken and the character removed from the player’s hand is placed face-down on the table. The object is to build a team of character cards with the same Elemental Affinity (color) and/or Race (symbol or suit) in your hand.

PnP Files:
Rules: http://georgejaros.com/Files/Heroes-and-Rogues-Out-for-Gold-Rules.pdf
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10/29/2015 - After playing the game at Madison Protospiel, where it was well liked, I got some ideas for a theme and reworked all the cards to work within the theme. A few tweaks have been made to the rules also. And, we now have a real name!
11/10/2015 - Fixed a typo in the full rules doc.  Also added some clarification about receiving a scoring hand due to someone else's actions and about receiving a scoring hand before your first turn.  No updates to any of the cards and all are minor updates to the main rules doc that don't affect gameplay.  No reprinting necessary if you don't want to.
12/1/2015 - Changed the Action for the Mage cards (old action is an alternate card). Also updated the card graphics so that the suit icons aren't just black and white, but match the card colors (and swapped the background areas of the cards so the icons stand out enough). Rules have been updated to reflect these changes.
12/10/2015 - Updated the card PDF file.  I noticed that some of the symbols got corrupted the last time I created the file.  It's all fixed now.

Card & Point Distribution:
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