MiniSkull Game Series

MiniSkull Games is a series of games that I have been working on.  Each game is a minuscule game that plays in about 60 minutes or less.  The games share a common theme and setting: fantasy heroes and adventurers from the town of Port Tiny and the lands around MiniSkull Castle.  Players will go on dungeon crawls, quests, and adventures.  Each game features unique mechanics, fast play, and a small size.

MiniSkull Castle - Heroes explore MiniSkull Castle, searching for loot in the castle rooms while being chased by monsters.  Unique dice allocation mechanics provide interesting decisions.  The game is competitive while also offering opportunities to cooperate.  A solo mode provides an exciting experience.
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Components: 55 square cards, 3 d6 dice, 5 custom d6 dice, 5 meeples, 1 score board, 4 score tracker tokens, 120 cubes, 1 bag
1-4p | 45-60m | 10+

MiniSkull Quests - A fast playing, press-your-luck adventure game with some light take-that player
interaction.  Send a party of Heroes on a quest to the MiniSkull Mountains to collect Treasure, Artifacts, Weapons, and gain Skills, but be careful of Monsters, Disasters, and other obstacles.  Also beware your opponents!  They’ll try to disrupt your plans every chance they get!
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Components: 104 cards, Custom Dice: 6 d8, 2 d6, and 1 d10 
2-5p | 30m | 8+

MiniSkull Dungeons - Roll & Write your way through the MiniSkull Dungeons, collecting gold,
treasure, weapons, and more.  You’ll control both a Hero and Monster on every player’s turn, while other Heroes and Monsters also roam the dungeons.  Hidden movement means you’ll never know where the other characters are, until a Reveal spell is cast.  Then you better hope you’re not where the Monsters are!
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Components: 1 map, 5 custom d6 dice, a pad of player sheets, 5 screens, 10 meeples, pencils
2-5p | 30m | 8+

MiniSkull Caverns - A diceless dungeon crawler!  Search the caverns under MiniSkull Castle for
valuable gems while avoiding Tiny, the guard dragon.  Featuring a combination of action selection (using a rotating action card and player selection control card), and combat against both Monsters and opponents using dice with secretly chosen modifiers, the unique mechanics provide many opportunities for player interaction, bluffing, and deduction.
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Components: 9 square cards, 1-4 cavern maps, 4 meeples, 5 gems, 6 d6 dice 
1-4p | 40m | 10+

MiniSkull Crews - (Formerly Heroes & Rogues, Out for Gold) A micro action-selection and set-collection game with a bit of deduction.  Compete to create a team of adventurers by choosing actions from character cards on the table.  Exchange one character from your hand with one on the table, taking the action of the newly acquired character.  The object is to build a team of characters with the same Elemental Affinity (color) and/or Race (symbol or suit) in your hand.
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Components: 18 cards 
2-4p | 30m | 10+

MiniSkull Adventures - Still in early development, this will be a semi-cooperative sandbox adventure style game.  Heroes will work together to save the town of Port Tiny from the evils of MiniSkull Mountain, while going on adventures to gain experience, helpful items, learn spells, and more in preparation for a final battle against the MiniSkull Monster.

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