Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coin Age Giveaway Winners!

This is my copy of Coin Age.
Yours (if you win) will look similar,
but I'll have some additional maps for you!
Well, I did it!  I broke the 100 'Likes' mark!

And to celebrate I'm giving away a copy of the great little micro-game Coin Age.  In addition to the standard map that is included with the game I'm also going to include several other custom maps.  I'll have fan-made maps of Middle Earth, Westeros, and South Korea (in honor of entering Polter-Heist in the KBG Design Contest) as well as at least three brand new maps created by me, just for this contest! The maps I have ready are Chicagoland, Thimhallan (for any Darksword series fans), and Oz.

The whole purpose of this contest was to gain some exposure for my site and my name, so I really wanted the contest winner to be someone that I didn't know personally, however I still wanted my friends and family to be able to enter.  So when the rafflecopter chose the first winner and it was a family member I decided to choose a second winner.  Then that ended up being a friend.  So I chose a third.  And to be fair, I'm going to send a copy of Coin Age and the custom maps to ALL THREE WINNERS!

Congratulations to Kat A., Karen J., and Pete M.!  You all should have received messages from me.  If you send me your information I'll get a copy of the game in the mail ASAP.  And be sure to thank Tasty Minstrel Games for letting me offer their game up for this contest!  Check out some of their other games, too!

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped me get up to 100 'Likes'!  I plan on running more contests in the future, and of course I'll keep providing game reviews and updates on my game development!  Stay tuned to GJJ Games for more fun game related stuff!

Three custom maps made by me, just for this contest:
Oz, Thimhallan, and Chicago
Disclaimer: This contest is not being run or endorsed by Facebook, Blogger, or any other entity other than GJJGames.  Tasty Minstrel Games has given permission for me to print and provide a copy of their game for the purposes of this contest.  Any information provided will be used by GJJGames to fulfill the terms of this contest and not sold or provided to any third parties.

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