Thursday, September 4, 2014

Polter-Heist: Quests - Adding scenarios and more!

Over the past week or so I've been working on the biggest change to Polter-Heist since I initially built the game.  Yes, I added the Don't Go Outside with a yard, more rooms, new discoveries, and a few new game mechanics, but it was really just an extension to what I already had to provide a bigger playing area for more people.  But now I'm adding a new layer to the game called Polter-Heist: Quests.  In Quests there are numerous scenarios (15 so far, and counting).  Each scenario provides a completely new experience to the gameplay.  Depending on the chosen scenario players may be competing directly, each trying to accomplish their own goal, working together, or teaming up against one traitorous player.  I've also added characters to the game, each with their own special abilities that can help them out during the course of the game.  I think these will bring Polter-Heist out of the realm of family game territory and elevate it to  a gamer's game.

Tonight I printed out all the necessary cards to play the scenarios I've come up with so far.  I still need to write detailed rules for each scenario (I have a few of them written out in detail) and I've also been creating 1/2 page reference cards for each scenario.  Then there are all the custom tokens I'll need to make.  Right now I'm just going to use generic markers to represent things like monsters, demons, zombies, fires, and more, but someday I'll have all sorts of custom tokens and pieces for the game.

Here's a picture of the cards that will be used in the scenarios:

Cards to be used in Polter-Heist: Quests
Each floor will have its own set of Discovery Cards with some pretty cool items that can be discovered, like a Revolver, Dagger, Sword, Lab Equipment, Grimoire, Violin, Crystal Ball, Rope, and tons more.  Some items will have inherent abilities (like the Revolver can be used to shoot opponents) and some will have abilities specified by the specific scenario (like the Lab Equipment is used in the Mad Scientist scenario).  each floor also has a number of additional Ghost Encounter cards, so you aren't always discovering items.  

There are also cards to be added to the main Discovery Deck that tell you when to make a Floor Discovery.  Character cards can be used to give different players different abilities (like Gordon, who moves a bit faster but is more susceptible to poltergeists).  And during different scenarios players may have specific agendas (like being a Mad Scientist building monsters from body parts).

Here's a quick overview of the scenarios I have planned already:

Scenario 1: Where is the Treasure?
A traitor is trying to hide the treasure while the other players are trying to find it.

Scenario 2: The Demon Whisperer
One player is intent on summoning demon minions to attack the other players.

Scenario 3: Spell Slingers
Each player is a warlock searching for the treasure for their own purposes.  They will use magical spells and magical items found throughout the house to stop each other.

Scenario 4: Ghost Hunters
A team of ghost hunters is intent on capturing ghosts instead of searching for treasure, but some items will help in their hunt.

Scenario 5: Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal investigators are searching for ghosts, but to study, not capture.

Scenario 6: Ghosts Head Start
One player starts the game as a ghost.

Scenario 7: Speed Search
Two players see who can search the most rooms fastest and then escape.

Scenario 8: Capture the Flag
Four treasures in the house are up for grabs.  The first player to find two and escape wins.

Scenario 9: Ahhhhh!  Zombies!!!
The players are a group of survivors searching a zombie infested house for a treasure trove of supplies.

Scenario 10: On the Hellmouth
The treasure is in the basement, but before the explorers can venture to the basement they must find weapons to battle the growing horde of monsters awaiting them down there.

Scenario 11: Big Bad Bad Guys
Each floor of the house has a big monster just waiting to be released.

Scenario 12: Burnin’ Down the House
The house is on fire!  The explorers must find the treasure before the house burns down!

Scenario 13: Mad Scientist
One player has locked himself in the basement so he can build monsters out of body parts while the other players search for the treasure.  Will the explorers decide to take out the scientist before his monsters attack them?

Scenario 14: Find Your Personal Treasure
Each player has a specific item that they are looking for.  The first to find their item and escape causes the ghosts to attack withe fervor.

Scenario 15: Locker Blocker
Many of the rooms in the house are locked and keys must be discovered before the doors can be opened.  But one player is intent on locking the rooms again.

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