Friday, December 5, 2014

GJJ Guest Video Review on Edo's Reviews! - Rise! by Crash Games

GJJ Guest Video Review on Edo's Reviews! - Rise! by Crash Games

Hey everyone, Ed Baraf was looking for guest reviewers for his video review channel and chose my video for Rise!  (You can check out my text review here.)  It's my first ever video review, so please be kind =)

And check out Edo's pages here:

Thanks Ed!

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GJJG Game Reviews are independent, unpaid reviews of games I, George Jaros, have played with my family and friends.  Some of these games I own, some are owned by friends, some are borrowed, and some are print and play versions of games.  Where applicable I will indicate if games have been played with kids or adults or a mix (Family Play).  I won't go into extensive detail about how to play the game (there are plenty of other sources for that information and I'll occasionally link to those other sources), but I will give my impressions of the game and how my friends and family reacted to the game.  First Play Impression reviews will only get a single rating of 1-10 (low-high) based on my first impressions of the game during my first time playing.  Hopefully I'll get more chances to play the game and will be able to give it a full review soon.

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