Friday, February 6, 2015

Tiny Epic Defenders by Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games - Unboxing

Today the second of two Kickstarters that I backed in July arrived.  Both were by designer Scott Almes, both from two different publishers, and both were shipped 2 months early!  Last week I received Harbour from Tasty Minstrel Games and today I received Tiny Epic Defenders by Gamelyn Games.  Back in July I reviewed the print and play version of Tiny Epic Defenders and loved it.  So I've anxiously been waiting for over six months and now that I have a copy of the game in my hands I'm super thrilled.

Tiny Epic Defenders is the second in a series of 'Tiny Epic' games designed by Scott Almes and published by Gamelyn Games.  The first is Tiny Epic Kingdoms, which I found out about after the Kickstarter was over, but bought later and love, and the third is Tiny Epic Galaxies, which is in its last day of funding on Kickstarter right now, so get on over and back it and join the Tiny Epic fanbase!  You won't regret it!

So, without further ado, here are the unboxing pictures of Tiny Epic Defenders so you can see just how high-quality these Tiny Epic games from Gamelyn Games are.  Seriously, the production value puts anything else I own to shame.

Can't wait to open this!  I actually peeled that Deluxe Edition
sticker off the wrap so I could stick it inside the box =)

Upon opening the box the rule book is on top with all the
components laid out nicely inside.

This is everything that was in the box, including an extra zipper bag.

Even the inside cover of the box has artwork,
a nice touch that all the Tiny Epic games have.

Seven territory cards are all double sided.  All, except the Capital City
have different abilities on both sides to add to the game variety.

These are the 10 races that come in the base set.

The back side of the race cards is larger artwork.
FYI this is the same artwork as the races in Tiny Epic Kingdoms,
so there's a nice thematic link there.

Six Epic Foes come in the base game.

This is the artwork on the back of the Epic Foe cards.  The artwork in the
smaller box matches the artwork on all the cards in the Turn, Horde, and
Destruction decks (which will eventually get mixed throughout
the course of the game).

Enemies, Dire Enemies, Allies and Artifacts.

Tiny Epic Meeples, health and damage tokens.  Look at the
awesome hearts and flames!

The Deluxe Edition comes with 2 Epic Foes, 5 Heroes,
2 Artifacts, and 2 Dire Enemies.

These are the backs of the Deluxe Heroes.
Well, I have to say, I was definitely not disappointed in Tiny Epic Defenders.  The component quality is superb, just as it was for Tiny Epic Kingdoms.  The cards, mats, tokens, and rules are all top notch.  And the box is a work of art in itself.  It's the little extras like the box that take Gamelyn Games up an extra notch.  The game would have been fine in a standard brown cardboard box (Harbour definitely doesn't hurt for a cheaper box), but the white board box with the extra artwork on the inside just pushes the Tiny Epic games into elite territory.  The gameplay of the print and play game was solid and fun and I can't wait to give this one a try with all the new components and extra additions.

And remember, there's still time to jump in on Tiny Epic Galaxies!  It's the most funded Tiny Epic game so far and comes with an unbelievable amount of extras!  Check it out today before you miss out!

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