Friday, January 15, 2016

Custom Gaming Tables from Rathskellers

OK, I don't normally make posts promoting products that aren't reviews, but I'm making an exception here.  Rathskellers is a woodworking company located in Greece and they specialize in gaming tables.  Now, I just got a table specifically for gaming for Father's Day last year (ok, so my wife and kids commandeer it fairly often for schoolwork, but it's still my gaming table), so I'm not in the market for a new one.  Also, my table was used and only $75.  But if I had unlimited funds (or maybe won a Powerball lotto - which I didn't) then I'd be looking at a table from Rathskellers.

Their tables are absolutely gorgeous!  They only have two styles, a standard sized table and a smaller coffee table sized table, but there are tons of different options and accessories that can be added to make your table unique.  The tables feature an innovative rail system that lets you add accessories to the sides of your table.  Things like cup holders, game trays, and more let you configure your table just the way you need it.  And then there are other, geekier options, too.  Like LED lighting for the table, or built in USB ports so you can charge your phone while gaming.  These tables are the cream of the crop!

And don't forget the other accessories, like the oversize dice stools, dice towers, and more!  So if you're in the market for a super sweet gaming table, be sure to check out Rathskellers.  And then invite me over for a game night =)

And while you're there, be sure to enter the Rathskellers Winter Sweepstakes for a chance to win a ton of awesome prizes!  (Non-European winners pay shipping.)

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