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Review - Quiver - Gaming Case

Quiver Case
By: QuiverTime
Review - Quiver - Gaming Case

Usually I review games.  Board games, card games, published games, prototype games, family games, heavy games, games of all sorts.  But one thing every gamer needs at one time or another is a way to carry games.  Game night can't always be at our own house, so we need a way to safely carry our treasures from place to place.  This review is about one of those ways to move our games, so the format will be a bit different.
The Quiver comes packaged in a protective baggie and all the chrome has a protective sticker on it.
The Quiver is a game case that is designed with card games in mind, although it can also be used to carry other smaller games and all sorts of interesting items.  I've been using mine to carry my copies of Star Realms (with the Crisis expansions, Gambit cards, and Colony Wars deck) and Epic.  I also have a few review prototypes in there (Clash of the Battle Goats and Death Wish) and there's plenty of room for some odds and ends, like dice, tokens, clips, rules, etc.  For a while I was carrying around a few small-box games, like Harbour, 12 Days, Thieves, Valley of the Kings, and a few others, too.  And while I've only used the Quiver to carry games, on their website they show it being used to carry other stuff, too, like a bottle of wine to a concert in the park.
Plenty of storage for lots of cards and tons of extras, too.
The Quiver is a nice, solid leather case with a soft padded interior that will protect your valuable cards or a bottle of your favorite romantic beverage in style.  The classy black case has beautiful metal highlights in the zipper pulls, strap clasps, and Quiver emblem.  I've been asked several times if it is a musical instrument because it looks like it should be protecting a $1000 clarinet or something (although at about 18" long by roughly 5" deep and 3.5" tall, it's not quite the right size for any instrument I know of.  But the durable leather protects against rain, wind, and even dog slobber (yes, I was fortunate enough to test all three of those).
Beautiful textured leather and elegant metal accents give the Quiver a classy look.
Inside, the Quiver features five padded dividers that have Velcro edges to keep them in place, as well as two padded inserts that go at each end of the case to ensure any cards have a flat surface to lay against - no bent edges here.  The Quiver also includes four acrylic dividers that are great for separating cards, too, although I wish there were a few more of them.  All of these dividers do slow for a wide variety of configuration options though.  And if you do want to bring a bottle of bubbly to a classy game night the velcroe dividers can be arranged at a slight angle to hold the bottle securely while still allowing enough room for a deck or two.
Five rearrangeable dividers and pads for the ends give you countless configurations to keep your cards and more safe.
The lid of the case features a cargo net of sorts.  This is perfect for storing game instructions, score pads, pencils, a few bucks or a credit card, or any other relatively thin items securely.  It's a handy addition that works well.
All the components that come with a brand new Quiver.
If I have one criticism of the Quiver it's the carrying strap.  Don't get me wrong, I really love this case and it works great, and there's nothing wrong with the included shoulder strap.  It's how the case hangs from the strap that is occasionally annoying.  The strap itself is fine.  It comes with very nice clips to attach it to the metal rings attached to the case (there's also a very nice wrist strap, too).  But the metal rings are so close to the center of the case that if it flips upside down the center of gravity can easily keep the case upside down.  Its a minor inconvenience in an otherwise stellar case, but I do find myself occasionally having to flip the case back right side up.
The Quiver is all class, and super useful, too!
Also worth mentioning is that the Quiver comes with 100 clear standard poker sized card sleeves.  Actually they say they are 92mm long and other sleeves I have are only 91mm, so if that matters to you, be aware.  Quality wise they feel nice and sturdy, not like cheap pent sleeves, but I haven't actually used them to sleeve anything, so I can't comment on their durability or gameplay feel.  I'm not a big card sleever so I wouldn't have anything to compare them to accept a few Ultra Pro sleep es I use for prototypes anyways.  But they're a nice little bonus to go with a case that is still pretty awesome with or without the sleeves.
Four acrylic dividers, 100 sleeves, a shoulder strap, and wrist strap are all included with the case.
So overall I find the Quiver to be an incredible case for cards, games, or whatever else you can think of.  Quality materials and construction combined with a sophisticated style make this a classy way to carry your precious collections.  At $40, if you're looking for a great looking, great functioning card (and more) case, you can't go wrong with a Quiver.  Plus for every Quiver purchased, $1 is donated to a charity that provides games to underprivileged children, so there's a great heart behind the company, too.  Pick up a Quiver, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10
Classy storage in a quality case!
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Even the instructions are elegant.

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