Friday, November 11, 2016

Eye On Kickstarter #8

Welcome to my Eye on Kickstarter series!  This series will highlight Kickstarter campaigns I am following that have recently launched (or I've recently discovered) because they have caught my interest.  Usually they'll catch my interest because they look like great games that I have either backed or would like to back (unfortunately budget doesn't allow me to back everything I'd like to).  But occasionally the campaigns caught my attention for other reasons.  Twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, I'll make a new post in this series, highlighting the campaigns that have caught my attention since the last post.  In each post I'll highlight one campaign that has really grabbed my attention, followed by other campaigns I've backed or am interested in.  I'll also include links to any reviews I've done.  Comments are welcome, as are suggestions for new campaigns to check out!

You can also see my full Kickstarter Profile to see what I've backed or my old Eye on Kickstarter page that was too unwieldy to maintain.  Also, check out the 2016 Kickstarter Boardgame Projects geeklist over on Board Game Geek for a list of all the tabletop games of the year.

So, without further ado, here are the projects I'm currently watching as of the second Friday of September, 2016:

Solarquest Deluxe Edition
  • GJJ Games Review
  • GJJ Games Backed
  • Now here's a game that I never expected to see on Kickstarter. Solarquest used to be my favorite game as a kid. I even made an Oort Cloud expansion for my copy (which has since gone missing), which I think was my first foray into board game design. This Kickstarter is for an updated version of the classic game that adds a new class of properties (dwarf planets), makes a few adjustments to the rules, adds mission cards, and adds support for eight players. For a roll-and-move game that has many similarities to Monopoly, Solarquest actually holds up pretty well to modern game standards. It's still a roll-and-move real estate game, but it's infinitely better than Monopoly. Be sure to check it out for some light, casual, family fun!

New Deluxe Edition of the classic board game SolarQuest, with enhanced gameplay, magnetic fuel card, 8 player capability, and more.

Universal Rule
  • Universal Rule popped up on my radar just last week and the campaign is almost over. I really love 18 card games, so I'm tempted to back this one. I think the only thing holding me back is that it needs a bunch of tokens or the deluxe add ons. I may grab this though in this last day. Check it out quickly though, if you're interested, because there are only a few hours left in the campaign!

5-Minute Dungeon
  • 5-Minute Dungeon looks like a fun, fast cooperative game. I really like how each player has their own deck and own abilities to really enhance the team. And there's plenty of room for lots of fun expansions with new heroes, new monsters, and more!

  • If Feudum wasn't on your radar it should be now! This looks like an absolutely amazing game, not only for its gameplay, but for the production level. Every single component looks like it will be premium quality and the artwork is absolutely outstanding. For a first-time creator, I think Feudum is absolutely incredible. This is one that is definitely high up there on my want list!

The Game Anywhere Table
  • This gaming table looks incredible! Light and portable, yet able to support a full sized gaming experience! This would make a great table for camping, picnicing, festivals, visitng friends, or anywhere else you want a great gaming experience on the go.

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