Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Greedy Claw Crane Game on Kickstarter Now!

Greedy Claw Crane Game
Designer: David Sheppard
Publisher: Twitch Factory
2-5p | 20-30m | 8+
A game I reviewed back in January is now on Kickstarter.  Greedy Claw Crane Game is for two to five players and takes about 20-30 minutes.  It's a very casual dice and token game that is suitable as a filler or family game.

The game comes with a few updates from the prototype I reviewed in January, including:

  • Larger toy tokens - 50% larger tokens means more room for the artwork to shine and easier to read stats.
  • Cleaner backgrounds - one of my complaints was that the starburst background was too distracting from the art and stats.  Well, that's been toned down so now all the important details pop!
  • Larger box - the game will come in a larger, magnetic clasp box (think Biblios).  The box also has updated artwork.
  • Custom Dice - no more stickers on the dice, the production game will feature custom engraved dice.
  • Hidden Goals - in the prototype these were large cards, but in the production game they'll be large tokens.
  • Stretch Goals - if the project is successful you'll get all the above in a fun filler game.  If it does even better there will be stretch goals, including more toy sets!  (Rumor has it one stretch goal set will feature some cameo appearances.)
  • Tabletopia - on April 4th you'll be able to try out Greedy Claw Crane Game on Tabletopia!
All this for just $25 with free US shipping!

So go read my review and then consider supporting Greedy Claw Crane Game on Kickstarter!

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