Monday, September 24, 2018

Press Release: Jellybean Games announces Brains! card game

Jellybean Games announces Brains! card game
The newest game in the popular Treasure Hunters line is coming to Kickstarter

Coral Springs, FL; Sept 24th, 2018. 
Today, Jellybean Games announced the launch of  Brains!, a zombie-themed card game for all ages.
Brains! is the third game in the Treasure Hunters series; a set of games that can all stand alone, or be shuffled together. The first game - Scuttle! - was pirate-themed, and made more than $87,000 on Kickstarter in 2016. The follow-up - Ninjitsu! - featured ninjas and cute woodland animals, and earned over $120,000 at the end of last year. 

From the designer of Dracula’s Feast and The Lady and the Tiger, with stunning art provided by Kelly Jo (Hidden Panda), the game introduces a novel ‘graveyard-building’ mechanic. Cards can have a special effect when discarded from your hand or from your collection; the timing of discards can be a powerful tool, and a key to victory.

“Kelly Jo has done such a great job with the art of Brains!,” said designer Peter C. Hayward. “It fits perfectly with the gorgeous, watercolors of the previous games, while bringing its own unique energy. Perfect for families!”

As with all Jellybean Games, the rules are straightforward and easy to learn. Each turn, players either draw two cards, play a card from their hand, or bury the top card of the deck and move it straight to the top of their graveyard. Cards can be played either for their ability, or as a treasure. The first player to have twenty-one points of treasure in front of them is the winner. 

An expansion is to be released alongside the game: Burial! adds fifteen unique cards and an additional suit to the deck, allowing it to serve as a set of playing cards. The new cards play heavily on the graveyard building aspects of  Brains!, and ensure that every game is unique.
Brains! is for 2 to 5 players aged 8+, and will launch on Kickstarter on the 24th of September, 2018. A retailer pledge level is available.

A free print-and-play version of the game is available on the publisher’s website,
About Jellybean Games
Jellybean Games publishes gorgeous games suitable for all ages. With their strong focus on stunning and evocative art, they’ve found success with gamers young and old. Their string of hits include Scuttle!, the pirate game for all ages; Dracula’s Feast, which offers a fresh take on social deduction games; The Lady and the Tiger, a collection of five microgames based on the classic short story; Village Pillage, the simultaneous-action game with a unique turnip economy; and Ninjitsu!, the standalone ninja-based sequel to Scuttle! 

Jellybean Games have been sold in over forty countries worldwide.

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