Friday, May 17, 2019

Press Release: Someone Has Died, Now in it's Second Printing!

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Someone Has Died – A silly game about serious business. 

Designed by Adi Slepack, Liz Roche, & Ellie Black.
Art by Adi Slepack & Ellie Black.

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Gather Round Games is thrilled to announce the second printing of its debut tabletop game, Someone Has Died. Someone Has Died is an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration where players try to convince an estate keeper that they’re the worthiest of a dead person’s fortune.
In September 2017, Someone Has Died raised over $52,000 on Kickstarter to fund the game’s first print run and officially released in September 2018. After selling out of its first print run in just a few months, Someone Has Died is back for round two!

About the Game:
In Someone Has Died, players have gathered together for the will reading of someone who died. One player takes on the role of the estate keeper. Part judge, part GM, the estate keeper guides the players through the arbitration and awards the fortune at the end of the game. Using the cards in their hand to inspire them, the other players craft wacky characters and argue for their right to the fortune.
Someone Has Died encourages character building and storytelling while being quick to learn and play, making it enjoyable to beginner and experienced role-players alike. With 163 cards of 4 different types, the combinations of identity, relationship, backstory, and objection cards are endless! You’ll never play the same game twice!

Someone Has Died has exhibited at conventions across the country and was an official selection of the Indie Megabooth, The Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, IndieCade, and XOXO Festival.
The game is available for purchase for $25 at and ships internationally.

Number of Players: 3-6
Time per Game: 25-45 min
Age: 13+

About Gather Round Games:

Gather Round Games, LLC is a NYC-based tabletop game publisher. Founded in 2018 by Adi Slepack & Liz Roche, Gather Round Games is a two-woman team that strives to create narrative driven games accessible to gamers of all skill levels.

Adi Slepack, President & Co-Founder
Liz Roche, Vice President & Co-Founder

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