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New GJJ Games Designs Available on The Game Crafter

Over the past week or so I've been cleaning up a number of my games so I can list them for sale on The Game Crafter.  Earlier this week I shared the page for my newest roll & write game, Rolling Seas, but I've cleaned up the pages for several other games that I've had available on The Game Crafter for a while, either publicly or just the prototypes I printed out for myself.  I also added some new games, too!  Current games available include:

  • Rolling Seas - Explore the islands and seas of the Alkundic Archipelago and tell tales of your voyages!
  • The Overland RouteA semi-cooperative train game for two players. Five to ten minutes and only 18 cards!
  • Trick BuildersTrick-taking, deck-building, and drafting, all in one game!
  • ChromaWerksA quick, colorful game of strategy for two players.
  • Snowball FightAn 18-card deck-builder for two players.
  • 4th Grade ConfidentialA microgame of deduction, bluffing, and cunning based on the Fourth Grade Confidential comic book by Neal Simon.
I also plan on adding a few more games that have never been available anywhere before.  Keep your eyes out for Race to the Moons, MiniSkull Quests, an updated Les Petits Pirates, Bounty Hunters, Beard Snacks, Pharmacology, 8 Seconds, and more!  I'll be working on getting these titles formatted for The Game Crafter over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in adding any of my games to your collection, this is the only way to get them right now, unless you want a print and play copy (then you can support me on Patreon to access my PnP library, which has more titles available than here).

Note that most of these titles are not yet marked as "published" so you won't be able to find them in the game search on The Game Crafter yet.  But you can always find them by clicking the Store link on my website.  Prices may change over time from what is posted here.

Rolling Seas
1-6+ players - 30-60 minutes
 at The Game Crafter
Price: $34.99 ($24.99 without packaging)

Explore the islands and seas of the Alkundic Archipelago and tell tales of your voyages!

The seas of the Alkundic Archipelago have long been known for their treacherous storms, exhilarating currents, hazardous rocky outcrops, and even a mild infestation of sea monsters. You and a ragtag crew have set out to explore the islands and seas they occupy. Along the way you will have adventures, stop at ports to resupply, get a better ship, and tell the tale of your voyages. The more you tell your story the more reputation you’ll earn. Will your crew have the greatest tale to tell and earn the most reputation? Sail the Rolling Seas and find out!

Overview: Rolling Seas begins with everyone initializing their maps – drawing islands and known obstacles and choosing a Home Port. Each round has three quick phases that everyone participates in simultaneously: Dice, Adventures, and Actions. The Dice Phase consists of rolling two types of dice to determine the wind direction and exploration events. If multiple direction dice indicate the same wind direction an Adventure will be resolved in the Adventure Phase, thus adding more obstacles to players’ maps. In the Action Phase each player can choose to Sail, Explore, or Visit a Port. As you Sail and Explore you’ll add to your Story. When you Visit a Port you’ll get to tell your Story to gain Reputation. The player with the most Reputation at the end of 25 rounds is the winner!

Tip: Use colored pencils on your map and keep a record of your journey in your travel log for an even more immersive experience!

The Overland Route
2 players - 5-10 minutes
 at The Game Crafter
Price: $6.99

A semi-cooperative train game for two players. Five to ten minutes and only 18 cards!

Objective: In The Overland Route two players cooperatively work to build the transcontinental railroad from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Francisco, California. Once the route is complete players will score points based on how many of the track segments they built, plus bonus points if the track goes through a mid-point station that they own.

History: The Overland Route is a name that was given to the First Transcontinental Railroad that connected Council Bluffs, Iowa with San Francisco, California. It was completed on May 10, 1869 with the installation of the last railroad spike, or Golden Spike, at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. Ogden, Utah was originally intended to be the midpoint terminus of both the east and west portions of track, but an agreement in April, 1869 resulted in the Union Pacific Railroad Company completing the track between Ogden and Promontory instead of the Central Pacific Railroad Company (who was still busy completing the track from Sacramento to Promontory).

Trick Builders
2-6 players - 30-60 minutes
 at The Game Crafter
Price: $23.99 ($15.99 without packaging)

Trick-taking, deck-building, and drafting, all in one game!

Build a powerful hand so you can win tricks, but be careful. What helps you this hand builds the common deck that will be dealt out to everyone in the next hand. Trick Builders is a combination trick-taking / deck-building / drafting game where 2-4 players (5-6 with additional cards) compete to win tricks and score points. Between hands players will acquire cards for the next hand. These cards will give them a benefit for the round they are acquired, but then go into the common deck for future rounds.

There are two ways to play Trick Builders. The Standard Version is recommended for new players and players wanting a faster, more streamlined play. Between trick -taking rounds, cards are drafted to add two cards to each player’s hand as the deck grows.

The second, Advanced Version, adds a layer of complexity and depth. Each card will have a monetary value, both a cost and an income. Winning tricks will give players currency to purchase stronger cards that will go into their hands for the next round and then into the common deck for subsequent rounds. So be sure to make the most of your purchases because eventually they may help everyone!

    "One of the top three games I played all weekend."
    JT Smith of The Game Crafter - at Protospiel Milwaukee 2018

2 Players - 10 minutes
 at The Game Crafter
Price: $6.99 ($4.99 without packaging)

A quick, colorful game of strategy for two players.

In ChromaWerks, two players each use 9 double sided cards (shuffled) to make a 3x3 grid.  Each quadrant of each card is machinery of a different color and players must take turns completing one of four actions to try to get all four center blocks to be solid colors.  The design has various types of machinery in different colors: Red Gears, Yellow Drive Belts, and Blue Pipes.  There are also sections of 'broken' machinery with images of damaged components on a black background.  Damaged or broken machinery can't be used to complete blocks.

Snowball Fight
2 players - 15 minutes
 at The Game Crafter
Price: $7.99 (no packaging)

An 18-card deck-builder for two players.

Snowball Fight is a micro deckbuilding and deduction game for two players that only contains 18 cards. In the game players go head-to-head with their arsenal of snowballs in an attempt to be the ruler of the Blizzard Realm!

In Snowball Fight each card has two possible actions, one on each half of the card (top and bottom). The action a player takes each turn depends on the direction they play the card. The game is played in two phases, a quick Drafting phase where players build their initial arsenal and then the Snow Assault phase where there is all out war! Play is simultaneous and players try to attack each other with an arsenal of snowballs, slushballs, and the dreaded iceballs and snow covered rocks while also trying to dodge attacks and build up their weaponry!

4th Grade Confidential
3-5 players - 30 minutes
 at The Game Crafter
Price: $7.99

A microgame of deduction, bluffing, and cunning based on the Fourth Grade Confidential comic book by Neal Simon.

4th Grade Confidential is a microgame of deduction, bluffing, and cunning. The idea is based on my friend Neal Simon's comic book project called 4th Grade Confidential, starring his kids and their friends (including my kids). The premise is that a 4th grader named Adin is a private eye at his school, working to solve the great mysteries of elementary school, like who stole his sister's stuffed pink bunny.

In 4th Grade Confidential one player is the Sleuth while 2-4 other players are the Characters. Each round the Sleuth is trying to solve a different mystery. The Sleuth has six Sleuth Cards and the other 12 cards are dealt evenly to the Characters. The Sleuth has four turns to try to figure out which Character has the Target Item for that round by calling out various attributes and seeing who has items with matching attributes. Through careful deduction and use of actions the Sleuth and Characters all try to be the player to end up with the Target Item.

The game can be played in a single quick round, or in a longer game with each player taking the role of the Sleuth.

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