Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Leaving the Everything Board Games Review Network

GJJ Games and 16 other reviewers formerly affiliated with Everything Board Games have put out a statement.

This decision was not made lightly.  I approached the owner of EBG directly, asking for his side of the story and he only gave me vague semi-answers so that's what sealed my decision to leave with the others.

Everything Board Games was a wonderful, open community for many years, and I hope that it remains so.  The answer I got from EBG reflects that, however the issue of silencing reviewers in a private forum was not addressed.  This is the response I received:  "Everything Board Games is committed to bringing Board Games and People together to have fun. We're keeping out anything non-board games such as religion, politics and hot topic issues out of EBG."  

Please make your own decision on whether to support EBG or not, but it is time for me to officially leave, even though I have not been an active reviewer for the group for over 2 years.

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