Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What Is It? - Guess the Photo Contest - Contest Over

CONTEST (over):  I took a break from game stuff for a couple of hours this evening to work on building something for my son's birthday party.  The first person to guess what it is I'm building will get a printed and laminated copy of Coin Age with some extra custom maps (one winner from my previous contest never responded so I have a copy ready to go).  I'll post another picture every few hours of the project more and more complete until someone guesses correctly.  I'm looking for a very specific answer, so check out the pictures and see if you can guess!  (I might drop a few hints along the way if needed.)

Congrats to Chuck Tewksbury for correctly guessing Romulan Bird of Prey after two pictures were posted!  Thanks to everyone for guessing. The rest of the pictures are below. I still need to add details (it's already filled with candy), but you can see how it's turning out.  I just can't believe I've spent this much time on something that's going to get bashed to pieces. But I love my son and he wanted to destroy a Romulan Bird of Prey, so this is what I spend my evenings doing =)  I couldn't convince him to just do a Borg ship. No, it had to be from TOS since he's dressing as Spock.

Picture 1 - Tell me what this is to win!
Picture 2 - Starting to take shape...

Romulan Bird of Prey from Star Trek: The Original Series.  I still need to add the details, but here it is, flying through my garage.  
It's getting there...

Romulan Bird of Prey finished - the underside

Romulan Bird of Prey finished - the top side


  1. Yes, it's a piñata, but you need to be more specific. Thanks for guessing though! Feel free to try again!

  2. It's a backpack of some sort. Looks like one that has jet boosters or allows him to fly. Iron man? I don't know pokemon characters well enough to guess those but it feels like how one of them would look.

  3. Well it is actually a Romulan Bird of Prey. Anyway as some of the later scripts stated that the Klingons stole it from the Romulans and adopted the Design initially it was the other way around. yeah a bit confusing, I guess I think it must be a Romulan Bird of prey like seen in the first full episode where it was shown as Romulan Balance of Terror.
    Kevin burkhardsmeier