Sunday, November 2, 2014

Star Trek Birthday Success

Today we finally had my son's 8th birthday party, only almost a month late due to one delay after another.  He's been waiting patiently since, oh, last October, for his Star Trek themed birthday party.  Over the last month we've planned, prepped, rescheduled, planned some more, prepped some more, and finally had the party today.

I posted a few weeks ago about the Romulan Bird of Prey Piñata that I made, and the other day I posted some pictures of the fondant Spock my wife made.  Well, here are some more pictures of the awesomeness that is an 8 year old's Star Trek party, including the SUPER AWESOME I.S.S. Enterprise cake my wife made (yes, the mirror universe's Enterprise).

And because I know this blog is supposed to be about board games, I will say that my son received the Star Trek Tribbles cad game and Pokémon cards.

First the pictures of the Romulan Bird of Prey getting destroyed by the Federation's finest:

Romulan Bird of Prey uncloaked in the back yard captain!

Spock, I mean the birthday boy, gets the first shot.

Kirk, I mean the birthday boy's brother, takes his shot.

Taking lots of damage!

Even the littlest ones got their shot!

The enemy has been destroyed!

Nearly 8 hours of work went into this.  At least it lasted
through 4 rounds of about a dozen kids!

And now on to my wife's mad cake decorating skillz.  I helped a bit, with the framework to put the cake on and a bit of the decorating (I have a steadier hand for painting the letters), but this was her baby, including the idea for the lights for the warp engines.

And the fondant Spock next to his Science Officer insignia.

It was total destruction.  Delicious destruction.

My son thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts!  He now has an Enterprise D model to build!

Yes, this blog is about games, see!
Star Trek Tribbles card game and Pokémon!

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