Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gateway Games Roundup - Cooperative Games

Cooperative games are games where you play against the game and not each other.  Most people are not familiar with cooperative games, so it’s a great way to learn that games don’t always have to be about competing.  There are quite a few cooperative games, but three of the most popular are all from the same designer, Matt Leacock.

Playing Forbidden Desert with Cub Scouts
to learn about cooperation.
Forbidden Island – cooperative play, set collection – players cooperate to collect artifacts from an island before it sinks.  Similar to Forbidden Desert (below), but a tiny bit easier and less complex.

Forbidden Desert – cooperative play, puzzle solving – similar to Forbidden Island in theme, cooperate to collect pieces to an air ship before a sand storm buries everything and characters die of thirst, but different gameplay.  This one is more challenging than Forbidden Island.

Pandemic – cooperative play, set collection, puzzle solving – by the same game designer as Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert, but more complex than the other two.  Players work together as members of the CDC attempting to cure diseases spreading across the globe.  There are a number of expansions and spin-off games that provide a variety of game experiences if you really like Pandemic.

A few other cooperative games I have worth mentioning are Tiny Epic Defenders (review), Castle Panic (review - not a personal favorite, but a lot of other people love it), Scotland Yard (semi-cooperative), and Betrayal at House on the Hill (semi-cooperative).  Other cooperative games that I haven't played include The Grizzled, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Dead Men Tell No Tales (this is high on my wishlist), Mysterium (semi-cooperative - I own it by haven't played yet), and Hanabi
Pandemic has become a modern classic.
Happy gaming!

Gateway Game Roundup

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