Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Siblings Trouble and GemPacked Cards Unboxings

Today I received in the mail, not one, but two Kickstarters that I've been eagerly awaiting.  Both are by Pencil First Games and Eduardo Baraf (I once did a guest video review on his Edo's Game Reviews channel).  I reviewed a prototype copy of GemPacked Cards back in September and thought it was pretty good, and I've been excitedly awaiting The Siblings Trouble since I first saw it way back in 2014.

So I'm sure you're all interested in what came in each box.  The component quality is awesome (all the tokens are really cool black core in both games) and the artwork is phenomenal, especially in The Siblings Trouble.  The box for The Siblings Trouble has a really cool magnetic closure, too.  I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Both GemPacked Cards and The Siblings Trouble:

The Siblings Trouble:

GemPacked Cards:

The only issue I have with GemPacked Cards is the amount
of space between the top of the cards and the top of the
box.  I'm expecting a huge mess of cards every time
I open the box until I get some better storage.

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