Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Press Release: Crisis: The New Economy - Reprint and Expansion

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Crisis: The New Economy

Crisis: The New Economy on Kickstarter

A thrilling dieselpunk-themed worker-placement, resource-management economic eurogame for 1-5 players.

Contact: info@ludicreations.com
Ludicreations announces a Crisis expansion & reprint
Turku, Finland - 17 April 2018
LudiCreations has launched a new expansion for Crisis along with a reprint of the base game. It will be the first time the game would be available since 2016, when it was sold out before making it to a retail release.
Crisis is a tabletop board game set in a grim dieselpunk world of Axia. A land with a glorious past, a most uncertain present and an even more unpredictable future. Corruption, inefficiency, and political tensions continue to increase.

However, all is not lost. A group of investors (that some would call opportunistic) have seen this as an opening, a chance to build their own future. The players, as those investors, bail out struggling businesses, recruit employees, raise capital, and produce goods for export.

While not widely known, Crisis is critically acclaimed and considered a hidden gem economic strategy game. It is playable by 1-5 players and was first released in 2016 in limited quantities, only being sold via Kickstarter and at the Spiel 2016 fair, where it was sold out. In Crisis each player assumes the role of an investor attempting to make smart decisions in acquiring businesses, recruiting employees to run them, and securing the resources necessary to build their engine in time to achieve economic performance goals.

By skillfully hiring, managing, investing in companies, trading resources and navigating the local bureaucracy and regulations, each player will contribute to the economic state of Axia. If the players are unable to work together, the country could go entirely bankrupt and only the players achieving the latest economic goal will have a shot at victory.

The 15 Company cards of The New Economy expansion add controlled variability to the opportunities the players have to build their business empire. The game and the expansion will be available in English and in German, both published directly by LudiCreations.

The Kickstarter campaign is live until the 29th of April 2018:

Game Specifications
Players: 1-5
Duration: 45-120 minutes
Ages: 14+
Components: 1 large game board, 165 custom-shaped wooden tokens, 1 cloth bag, 128 large-format cards, 137 cardboard tiles
Design: Pantelis Bouboulis, Sotirios Tsantilas
Illustration: Anthony Cournoyer

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About LudiCreations
LudiCreations is a publisher of novel games, such as …and then, we held hands, Crisis, Kune v Lakia, Pocket Imperium, [redacted], and Town Center. Working with talented contributors from around the world, we create games with unexpected themes and mechanisms. Gather your friends, and turn wood and cardboard into joy!

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