Sunday, April 1, 2018

Press Release: Bézier Games Delivering New York Slice Legacy in August

A few weeks ago I posted a press release about Werewolf Legacy.  I thought a social deduction legacy game was quite a stretch, but it seems like Bézier Games is stretching even further with their newest announcement.  This time it's stretchy cheese!  New York Slice Legacy not only adds a new game to the legacy genre, but it's attempting to create an entirely new genre.  Edible games are the next big thing!

Unfortunately I'm going to have to enjoy this game's solo variant until they come out with the Gluten Free and Dairy Free expansions so my family can join in.  I'm sure it'll be tasty though!

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Bézier Games Delivering New York Slice Legacy in August
Play with your food. Eat your way to a win.

Louisville, TN - April 1 2018. Today, Bézier Games announced the upcoming release of New York Slice Legacy, the very first Legacy game that you eat while you play! Co-designed by Rob Daviau, Jeffrey D. Allers, and Ted Alspach, the game will debut at Gen Con with a general release in early September.

New York Slice is an "I cut, you choose" game where players have to divide up a pizza knowing that they'll end up with the section that none of their opponents want. The challenge is collecting the best pizza, avoiding anchovies, and getting the right specials to manage a victory!

New York Slice Legacy builds on the original game, and brings something entirely new to Legacy gaming by making it an edible experience! You can play the game with any pizza, so all you have to do is order in (or make your own!) and your game night is ready to start!
To top it all off, New York Slice Legacy's campaign adds all new layers of strategy. With permanent changes each game, every decision (and every bite!) counts. Will you keep those slices as leftovers for next game, or will you fit them in now? Will you upgrade your plate size or your stomach? The choice is yours, but we know one thing for sure - this will be the most fulFILLING Legacy game you've ever played!

New York Slice Legacy can be played with 2-4 players, and each game takes about 45 minutes to play. The game contains plates for each player, a pizza cutter to help slice the portions each round, a scoring pad, all new player abilities, secret upgrades, and brand new specials that can even be added to the original game for more variety once the legacy campaign is complete!

New York Slice Legacy will debut at Gen Con 2018, and is currently available for preorder. Don't miss out on this brand new game that is literally good enough to eat!

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