Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Unboxing - Manaforge by Mystic Tiger Games

Designer: Bryan Kline
Publisher: Mystic Tiger Games
2-4p | 60-90m | 14+
Unboxing - Manaforge by Mystic Tiger Games
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Back in March of 2017 I reviewed Manaforge, by Mystic Tiger Games, prior to it's Kickstarter campaign.  I quite enjoyed the game and played it a number of times.  One of the best parts of the game was the fantastic artwork that I got to see in some of the cards.  I've been excitedly waiting for the published copy of the game to see how everything turned out.  The published copy is very similar to the prototype I received to review, but with completed artwork on all the cards, gorgeous engraved dice, and higher quality components all around.  The gameplay is the same and the rulebook is still outstanding.  There are a ton of pictures and examples, a great set of FAQs, detailed card descriptions for every card, and a great icon reference on the back.  Also included in the published game is a pretty sweet anvil shaped, wooden first player token.

Manaforge was a blast to play with the prototype components and the final components are sure to make the game even more enjoyable.  Be sure to check out Mystic Tiger Games to get your own copy today!  Take a look at these unboxing pictures and the fantastic artwork!

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