Saturday, July 28, 2018

GJ Games at Gen Con!

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You may have been asking yourself over the past few months, "what happened to reviews on GJJ Games?"  Well, a few things have caused my reviews to slow down.  Last year we added another player to the family (he's 13 months now and has been in full toddler mode for 4 months already, so that's pretty exhausting).  Because of this my free time to play review games was cut by quite a bit.  But I was still managing to get a review or two out every month.

Then in April I was offered the opportunity to attend Gen Con this year (a huge thanks to Keith at Thunderworks Games) in exchange for running demos for Roll Player and Skulk Hollow from 10am to 3pm each day.  This is a huge opportunity for me since I don't really have the money or time (another huge thanks to my wife for letting me leave her with three kids for almost a week) to attend big conventions.  This is actually the first non-Protospiel convention I've ever attended.  So I really wanted to make the most of the weekend.  I've been working hard to fine-tune a number of my game designs, update components, create sell sheets, and set up opportunities to pitch my games.  Unfortunately, this means that I haven't been spending the time writing up reviews that I usually do.  I have a few reviews started, and I plan on finishing them up after Gen Con, so I'm not out of the reviewing business, just taking a bit of a hiatus.

So, what will I be pitching at Gen Con?

I'll be bringing a bunch of games to Gen Con.  On Thursday I'll be pitching 8 Seconds at the Designer/Publisher Speed Dating event from 7pm to 9pm at the Slippery Noodle.  On Friday I'll have Pharmacology at the First Encounter Designer Showcase from 9:30pm to 11:30pm at the JW Marriot's White River Ballroom.  I'll also be pitching Les Petits Pirates and Tanuki in the Garden to publishers that specifically expressed interest in them.

In addition to the games that I have pitching sessions scheduled for, I also have sell sheets and postcards for Trick Builders, Race to the Moons and my MiniSkull Games (which includes MiniSkull Castle, MiniSkull Quests, MiniSkull Dungeon, MiniSkull Caverns, and MiniSkull Adventures).

I'll have copies of all these games with me (except for MiniSkull Caverns and MiniSkull Adventures), and several copies of a few of them.  If you are interested in playing or learning more about any of these games, let me know!  I'd be happy to meet up!

What else will GJJ Games be doing at Gen Con?

Outside of demoing and pitching, I'll also have a game or two at the Play the Best of Protospiel event on Thursday evening (6pm to 8pm).  Other than that I'm planning on wandering around and taking everything in.  I'll be doing some quick, 3 minute interviews for my People Behind the Meeples series, so if you're a designer and you see me wandering around, stop me for a quick chat.  I'll be asking for your name, contact info, what got you into game design, what game(s) you're currently working on, and then a random silly question.  I may do a few as video interviews, too!

Like I said, this is my first non-Protospiel convention, so I'm excited and a bit nervous.  I really just want to take it all in so that I know what to expect if I should ever make it back (hopefully I will).  So if you have any tips, ideas, or suggestions, let me have them!  If you'd like to meet up to play games, get interviewed, or just to hang out, let me know that, too!  I'm currently free all Saturday evening and part of Friday.

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