Friday, July 26, 2019

Eye on Kickstarter #70

Welcome to my Eye on Kickstarter series!  This series will highlight Kickstarter campaigns I am following that have recently launched (or I've recently discovered) because they have caught my interest.  Usually they'll catch my interest because they look like great games that I have either backed or would like to back (unfortunately budget doesn't allow me to back everything I'd like to).  But occasionally the campaigns caught my attention for other reasons.  Twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, I'll make a new post in this series, highlighting the campaigns that have caught my attention since the last post.  In each post I'll highlight one campaign that has really grabbed my attention, followed by other campaigns I've backed or am interested in.  I'll also include links to any related reviews or interviews I've done.  Comments are welcome, as are suggestions for new campaigns to check out!

You can also see my full Kickstarter Profile to see what I've backed or my old Eye on Kickstarter page that was too unwieldy to maintain.  Also, check out the 2019 Kickstarter Boardgame Projects geeklist over on Board Game Geek for a list of all the tabletop games of the year.
So, without further ado, here are the projects I'm currently watching as of the fourth Friday of July, 2019:

Live Campaigns from Past Eyes:
Outburst Game Tables

Bag of Spiders

Bag of Spiders features eight silly games that we have curated for your enjoyment, but you will find that there are many uses for your bag of spiders.
  • Bag of Spiders, a press your luck game for 2 - 5 players by Jeremy Davis
  • Last Spider Standing, a rolling war game for 2 - 4 players by Jeremy Davis
  • Squish, a social awkwardness game for 5 - 10 players by Carla Kopp and Jeremy Davis
  • Spider Leap, a dexterity game for 2 - 4 players by Jeremy Davis and Shawn Stankewich
  • Spider Sculptors, an artistic game for 4 - 8 players by Shawn Stankewich, Nick Kopp, and Jeremy Davis
  • Spider Poker, a bluffing game for 3 - 5 players by Zach Hoekstra
  • Spider-cala, an abstract game for 2 players by Zach Hoekstra
  • Mississippi Jackson And The Curse Of The Squeaky Inflatable Spiders, a very silly RPG for 2-6 players by Zach Hoekstra

Moonshot: The Next Giant Leap
  • Moonshot is a game about the space race of the 1960s. Play as either the US or Russians and see who succeeds first. I love games about space, and historical games are great, too, so this hits on both accounts. Plus they use the same tagline that I've been using for Race to the Moons. Also, curiously enough, this is the second game to make this list with the title "Moonshot". The first was way back in Eye on Kickstarter #1 back in 2016.

  • Etherfields is the latest game from Awaken Realms, who brought us last year's highest funded Kickstarter Project, Tainted Grail. They have a history of doing big projects with awesome art and miniatures and Etherfields is following right along with that pattern.

  • Gridopolis is an award winning family game that's basically like a 3D checkers where the board changes as you play. On your turn you have options to either move your pieces or add onto/change the playing area. I won a copy in a giveaway, but haven't played it yet. It does look more interesting than your typical family abstract checkers variant though.

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