Thursday, February 11, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - Evil Corp Boardgame launches - Just in time for global financial meltdown!

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Conceived in 2016 at the peak of global disillusionment towards Big Tech, Evil Corp The Boardgame satirises a core conceit at the heart of every big name tech CEO’s ego:

“Only I can save the world - no matter the cost.”
Mark Zuckerberg wants to “connect every person on the planet”, whilst Elon Musk wants to “take us off-world for a chance to go interplanetary”.

Evil Corp the Boardgame asks the question “who are YOU to decide what humanity needs?”

Evil Corp Box

Evil Corp begins shipping today, the 29th of January 2021, just as the #GAMESTOP #ROBINHOOD debacle reaches it’s peak. This is the most interesting real-world example of what the game hopes to promote:

We can all do something about injustice meted out by financial behemoths like hedge-funds if we work together!

Playing as one of 6 Evil CEO Billionaires, World Event cards such as “STOCK TRADER REBELLION” stymie your ambitions to become the richest CEO on the board, ultimately to launch your Evil Plan to “Save the World”…

Stock trader rebellion world event

When asked for comment on the game Elon Musk said:

“Great name. A little on the nose” Elon Musk on Evil Corp - Elon musk

Evil Corp the Boardgame is a vicious game in many ways.

The Nasty Business dealings that CEO’s engage in daily are reflected here in our “SHORT SQUEEZE OUT” Card.

As you aim to increase your position on the World Board, players launch financial offensives at one another, designed to slow progress and, well, get people even more focused on winning the game, no matter the cost.

People have said things like “MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA” or “This game turns good people bad”. As you can see, opinion is somewhat divided, and we’ve only just launched!

Short Squeeze out Opportunity Card

Alfie Dennen, one of the game designers, was behind “We’re Not Afraid”, the largest and most impactful citizen activism project against global terrorism.

Neo-Corporatism is arguably now as big a risk to civic and cultural life as terrorism. Dennen says:

“Games have the power to reach across divides so that meaningful conversation can be nurtured between people with different ideas about the world. I don’t think there has been a better time to try and champion that.”

Evil Corp Core Game Components
Evil Corp the boardgame is for 2-6 players and has been described as “A Battle Royale of Capital”.

Players vie for world domination by seeing who can be the first to position their R&D Team, launch their Prototype and finally release their “Killer” App

The Savant CEO Card suit and set example

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#gamestop cards coming soon as print and play additions

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