Friday, February 26, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - This Game is Poo launching on Kickstarter on 2nd March!

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THIS GAME IS POO is a strategic poo-powered card game which Hollew is launching on Kickstarter on 2nd March! Please check out the link below as we need your help:

Or if you live in the UK check it out on Amazon, available now:


The aim is simple, collect as many 'Poo Point' cards as possible before the last card is drawn from the pile. The player with the most 'Poo Points' at the end of the game wins!

You must use the cards in your hand to strategically play against your opponent(s) to collect the most 'Poo Points'. We have designed 108 hilarious Poo-based cards. You'll find in the deck, there's a mixture of 'Poo Point' cards as well as Action cards, you must use these Action cards to help gain the advantage and to stitch up the other players! If you can't or don't want to play any Action cards on your go simply pick up a card from the draw pile and this ends your turn. When you want to play an Action card just place the card down on the 'action pile' beside the draw pile.
If you find yourself with a pair of 'Poo Points' immediately place them face down in front of you. The higher the number on the card, the more points you get so keep the good ones safe from any unwanted hands! 

This game will have you in stitches but don't be fooled by the ridiculous designs as strategy is everything so think fast, try not to fart (!) and remember to read the instructions carefully on each card! 

As you can tell, here at Hollew we're passionate about poop so whether you're into a tsunami of poo, washing your hair with shampoop or sharing a Hot Log then we are certain you'll love our poo powered card game!


We're Holly and Lewis, co-founders and creators of Hollew our card game company! We started Hollew about 2 years ago and have had such a blast making innovative, fun, quirky card games for everyone and for us this is just the beginning. As a team of 2 we're working hard, learning loads and most importantly laughing lots! We are so excited to be launching our first Kickstarter on 2nd March with THIS GAME IS POO!

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