Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rolling Seas Crowd Sale - First Discount Tier Reached!

If you didn't know, I'm running a Crowd Sale on The Game Crafter for my roll & write adventure game, Rolling Seas.  I launched the Crowd Sale on Sunday to celebrate my birthday and it's already off to a great start!

What is a Crowd Sale?

A Crowd Sale is a form of crowdfunding, kind of like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or GameFound, but with some significant differences.
  • Crowd Sale games are 100% complete.  Design, art, playtesting, etc. are all completed before the Crowd Sale starts.  You are supporting a finished product, not an idea.
  • Crowd Sale games get printed and sent within a few days or weeks, not months or years!  Since Crowd Sales use The Game Crafter's Print On Demand service, as soon as the sale ends the games start printing!
  • Crowd Sale games get cheaper the more people that buy.  Since the games are already created there are no stretch goals.  Whereas in other crowdfunding platforms the price stays static and creators are able to add more content (content that must be - or should be - created and tested) in the form of stretch goals.  Often these stretch goals cause delays or aren't well tested and break the game.  With a Crowd Sale, you're getting the same completed game, regardless of how many funds the campaign raises.  But the more people that buy-in, the cheaper the game is for everyone!  You aren't charged until the campaign ends, so whenever you join, you're guaranteed to get the biggest discount reached.
The Rolling Seas Crowd Sale has already reached the second discount tier, so now you'll save over $5!  And you can also pick up the Crew Members and Islands & Map Pack 1 expansions at a discount, too (at least $2 off, each).

If you want to get a copy of Rolling Seas now, this is your best opportunity!  After the Crowd Sale, the price will go back up to $39.99, and in a few months, I'll be taking it off of The Game Crafter's site for good in preparation for the new edition that Nuts! Publishing will be producing (but that won't be available for a few years still).

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