Thursday, April 22, 2021

Vote on Rolling Seas Stretch Goal Maps!

As you probably know, Rolling Seas is currently on Crowd Sale on The Game Crafter. 

We're up to the third discount tier already, with just over a week to go in the Crowd Sale! That means I'll be creating at least three custom maps that will be available for everyone to download! For these stretch goal maps, I decided to make some fun patterns. So I came up with a few ideas. These samples are essentially pixel art right now, but I'll work on making them look like islands in the sea. I've come up with 8 ideas, so you'll have the opportunity to vote on which ideas you want me to turn into maps!

Please put your votes (or any other ideas) in the comments on the Crowd Sale or here. I'll also be sharing these on Facebook for people to vote there. Feel free to vote for more than one idea.

After the Crowd Sale ends I'll tally the votes and I'll make maps from the most popular ideas. And the more discount tiers we hit the more maps I'll make!

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