Tuesday, September 13, 2016

GJJ Games Joins the Everything Board Games Network

GJJ Games is proud to be a part of the brand new Everything Board Games Network.  The EBG Network is a partnership between several board game reviewers, bloggers, and websites from around the world.  We have teamed together to bring you reviews and more about board games.

This won't change anything about the content that I provide on GJJ Games.  I'll still be providing the same high-quality, critical reviews of games, designer interviews, Kickstarter updates, and more.  You'll see me promoting reviews and other content from creators in the network, too.  This will be an excellent way for all of us to help provide our readers with even more great board game information.  Thank you to Dane Trimble from Everything Board Games for organizing this group of awesome reviewers.  If you would like more information about the Everything Board Games Network, contact Dane at EverythingBoardGames.com.

The other members of the EBG Network include:
Check out all the reviews and articles posted through the Everything Board Games Network here: http://www.everythingboardgames.com/p/reviews.html

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