Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PWNs is Back on Kickstarter!

PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem
Designer: Ryan Boyle
Publisher: AWRY Corp, LLC
A game I reviewed back in April is back on Kickstarter.  PWNs is running a new Kickstarter campaign with a slightly lower goal, slightly lower cost, slightly lower shipping, but more game in the box!  There have been a number of improvements since the prototype I tested, including special character abilities, nicer tokens, and more!

PWNs is a game that my sons and their friends (and my friends, too) wanted to play over and over!  It's chaotic fun, plays fast, and leaves you wanting more.  It's one of the few games I've reviewed where my family was super disappointed when I had to send it on.  We can't wait to get our hands on a completed copy!

So go read my review and then consider supporting PWNs on Kickstarter!

PWNs is available right now on Kickstarter for just $27 plus shipping, through October 14, 2016.  Check it out now!

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