Thursday, August 31, 2017

Abandon Planet - Unboxing

Abandon Planet
Designer: Don Eskridge
Publisher: Orange Machine Games
4-8p | 40-60m | 14+
Abandon Planet - by Orange Machine Games - Unboxing
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Way back in April, 2016 I played a game at Protospiel Milwaukee that I thought was a ton of fun.  It brought the social aspects of games like The Resistance, Avalon, Secret Hitler, and Werewolf to a resource management game with a bit of worker placement, and enough luck to keep tension high.  Abandon Planet, by Don Eskridge (who also designed The Resistance and The Resistance: Avalon) ended up in the number one spot on my list of Top 15 prototypes I played in all of 2016!  Abandon Planet successfully funded on Kickstarter late last year and I've anxiously been waiting for it to arrive.  There were a few delays (pretty common for Kickstarters, especially a first time publisher - Don is self-publishing this through his new company, Orange Machine Games), but communication throughout the production process was great and I finally received my copy in today's mail!

I'm happy to say that everything looks great!  I wasn't a huge fan of the artwork during the Kickstarter campaign, but it all seems to have come together in a game that looks (and plays) very unique.  The quality is good, the rocket miniatures have a ton of character, and all the components feel great.  The cards aren't super thick and not linen textured, but they don't get handled or shuffled a whole lot in the game, so they should be fine.  All the tiles are nice and thick, as is the box, and the insert holds everything snugly.

I can't wait to bring it to the table.  I think it'll be perfect for my game group since we've been playing a lot more social games lately, but we really like games with strategy, too.  As my friends' sons have been getting older they've been joining us in games of Secret Hitler, Avalon, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, etc.  These have been great for including all the kids in some great games, but we really want our strategy itch scratched, and I think Abandon Planet will do just that in a game that's still social, plays up to 8, and takes less than an hour!  I'm sure it'll be a hit!

So, without further ado, here are the unboxing pictures of Abandon Planet!

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