Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Press Release: Listit on Kickstarter Now!

Party games are not generally my favorite.  I enjoy playing, but they aren't my go-to games.  That said, I do have a few that I really do enjoy and wish I could get to the table a little more often.  One of those is Scattergories, and another is the similar SiXeS, which I reviewed last year.  Out on Kickstarter now is another list-based party game called Listit, which strips down those two games to just the essentials.  If you're interested in easy to learn, casual party games, be sure to check out Listit, on Kickstarter now.

NSFW WARNING - I don't generally cover NSFW games on my blog, so be aware, some of the content in Listit is not family friendly.  One of the categories on the cards is a NSFW category, which has topics of a more adult nature.  In my opinion it's a shame that this is included in every topic card since most of the rest would be family friendly and the NSFW category is the only thing that makes the game age 18+.  Also note, the PnP and Kickstarter page does have a very little bit of foul language in spots.
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Stockholm, 2018-03-20
"It's f---ed up Scattergories"
The casual card game for mind reading list lovers.

Quick facts

Type of game: casual, party, word, pen & paper, compromise, communication, creativity
Players: 3-10+ Age: 18+ Playing Time: 25-60 Min
What's in the box: 2 category cards and 106 playing cards with a total of 530 topics.

What is Listit?

Listit is a casual card game that brings hilarious discussions as you find out all of your friends' prejudices and weird associations. It consists of more than 500 witty, weird, and wide-ranging questions, answered in lists of five. Designed to reveal the true nature of the friends you play with, it's filled with interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes controversial topics. What they all have in common? The only correct answers are those shared with other players. Or, as one player put it: "It's f---ed up Scattergories".

How do you play?

Pick a topic, write a list of 5 items, and score 1 point for every answer shared with other players – no matter what that answer might be! Dead certain someone will pick Trump in "Worst presidential haircuts"? Mark him for a bonus if you're right – or a penalty if you're not.
For a full game play illustration and score keeping example, see the sample print-and-play.

More than a game

Created in Puerto Rico by three Swedes, Listit combines the Caribbean laid-back attitude with the Swedish way of (not) dealing with conflicts. We call it the Caribbish mindset! The hidden agenda of the game is to get people actively communicating, developing our compromising skills whilst having a good time.

The Kickstarter campaign

Listit was was launched on Kickstarter on March 1st and can be found here. The game was funded in 10 days and is currently working its way towards the 2-player version stretch goal.

Reviews, additional material and contact

A sample print-and-play, high resolution pictures, logo etc. can be found at dropbox

If you have any further questions contact Björn Torstensson at bjorn@listitgame.com

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