Monday, March 12, 2018

Press Release: Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Releasing At Gen Con 2018

Legacy games are all the rage lately.  If you're not familiar, a Legacy game is a game in which there is an ongoing narrative element across multiple sessions.  So decisions you make in one game affect how subsequent games play out.  This is very similar to traditional campaign games, with one major difference.  In Legacy games your decisions often change actual game components.  You add stickers to game boards, tear up cards, and make other, permanent changes to game components and rules.  This has led to some criticism of Legacy games in recent years because after playing through the story you usually can't play the game ever again.  The most recent Legacy games are changing that.  Some games result in a completely custom version of the game that you can play over and over once you've finished the story.  Others offer a 'recharge' pack, where components that were modified or destroyed can be replaced so the game can be started over, fresh.  And yet others offer a way to reset the game from the components contained within (more like a traditional campaign game).

Social Deduction games don't quite seem to be a genre for a Legacy style, but today Bézier Games announced that they're going to try that out with Ultimate Werewolf Legacy.  This looks to be an interesting take on both the social deduction and Legacy formats, where players represent members of different families.  Events from one game affect the way future games play, changing characters, families, and even the village the story unfolds in.  Werewolf Legacy may be an ambitious idea, but it looks like it'll work!

Read on for the full Press Release from Bézier Games.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Releasing At Gen Con
The fate of the village rests in your hands. Choose wisely.