Thursday, January 17, 2019

Press Release: Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts to hit Kickstarter on March 1, 2019

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Odd Bird Games’ International hit “Feudum” continues momentum with a third Kickstarter campaign featuring artisan-edition vessels and castles.
After localizing its award-winning base game Feudum into ten languages, Odd Bird Games readies its sails to launch its third Kickstarter campaign on March 1, 2019. A preview page may be viewed here:

The campaign will highlight a new expansion called Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts featuring deluxe components that can be used to play a military variant of the game—or enjoyed for their sheer beauty. Feudum’s creator, Mark Swanson and artist, Justin Schultz, partnered with 3D modeler Scott Ryan and miniatures painter Bruce Monson to develop a set of stunning 3-dimensional vessels and castles designed to hold player pawns and feudum tokens!
This partnership helped inspire the new campaign, which will be the sixth expansion to the base game Feudum. Other expansions have included a seafaring expansion, a customizable deck expansion, solo variant and a colorblind accessible variant.

“My jaw dropped the first time I saw the prototypes,” said Swanson. “They add even more depth and beauty to the immersive world of Feudum!”

“I'm pretty jazzed about these,” said Schultz. “The guys that helped with this project are unbelievably talented and I'm lucky to have been involved!”
Authored by University of Missouri Professor Mark Swanson and designed by Mississippi-based Artist Justin Schultz, Feudum features the strategic complexities found in games such as Terra Mystica, Brass, Caylus, Dominant Species, Vinhos, The Gallerist, and Madeira, but sets itself apart with its meticulously-drawn illustrations, interesting decisions and a fully-functioning economic ecosystem. It is this unique economic mechanic that allows players to rotate goods through different guilds while competing for status within them.

“There’s not one right way to play it,” said Swanson. “Uniquely powered characters and multiple paths to victory make for an ever-changing, open-world experience. You have to be flexible—ready to adapt.” The game also includes action programming, area influence and hand management. These nuances are highlighted by Schultz’s artwork for the game.

The game is for 2-5 players and takes 80 to 180 minutes to play. The game is sold at game retailers around the world and can be played online in multiplatform environments on Tabletopia ( and STEAM ( It can also be purchased directly from Odd Bird Games at

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