Monday, January 7, 2019

Press Release: Suburbia Collector’s Edition from Bézier Games

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Bézier Games Brings Suburbia Fans the Ultimate Collector’s Edition!
Plan, build, & develop all new amazing boroughs with Suburbia Collector’s Edition - complete with new incredibly detailed artwork, new and improved game pieces, and all expansions including a brand new one: Nightlife!

Louisville, TN - January 7th 2019. Today, Bézier Games, Inc. announced Suburbia Collector’s Edition, a totally revamped upgrade of their 2012 release Suburbia, a top 100 game on This collector’s edition will ship in October 2019, and will be available on Kickstarter on January 14th.  

In Suburbia, players build their own unique borough while trying to increase their income and population. They use strategic tile-placement to create residential, commercial, civic, and industrial areas, as well as special points of interest that provide benefits and take advantage of neighboring properties. Whoever’s borough thrives the most will end up with the highest population, and win the game. 

Suburbia Collector’s Edition is being released with beautiful new three dimensional artwork by Brett Stebbins and a ton of upgrades! Oversized tiles, new player colors, and city-specific borough boards are only the beginning; this edition also features several Game Trayz™ organizers, a giant tower to disperse tiles, recessed borough boards, redesigned population board, unique landmarks for each player color, and all existing expansions as well as a brand new one: Nightlife, which has buildings and locations that are more active in the evening hours and dramatic nighttime artwork.

Suburbia Collector’s Edition is expected to ship in October 2019, and will be available on Kickstarter on January 14th.

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