Monday, March 1, 2021

Unboxing - Big Easy Busking by Weird Giraffe Games

The box is bright and vibrant, really bringing in
the feel of a New Orleans street performance.

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One of my favorite types of videos to watch on YouTube is street musicians performing.  I think it's amazing how many amazing musicians are out there that never get the huge recognition they deserve.  It's also amazing how many musicians seem to have gained a huge following from mostly their street performances.  Big Easy Busking is all about performing great music on the streets of New Orleans, kind of like Tuba Skinny, Doreen KetchensSmoking Time Jazz Club, Yes Ma'am, or Grandpa Elliott!

If you enjoy street performances, but maybe New Orleans Jazz isn't your style, go check out Too Many Zooz or Lucky Chops (featuring some of the same musicians), Allie Sherlock, or some other awesome random performances!.  But to get in the mood for Big Easy Busking, put on a great New Orleans Street Music playlist and start playing, or dancing!  Below are some photos showing what you'll get in the box, other than a busking great time!
The back of the box shows off the wonderful artwork on the cards and summarizes the gameplay.

The box is about 7.5" x 6" x 2".

The first thing you'll see when opening the box is the rulebook.  Under that are two punchout sheets.

Under the punchouts are all the other components. 
Note that the Fluffins cat tokens are extras and not used in the game!

Here are all the components as they come packaged up.  The larger cards have a plastic resealable
package and the smaller cards have a plastic wrap with a fast-open strip.

The player cards show an enthusiastic group of buskers in each of the five player colors.

The Crowd Cards show bright, exciting scenes of New Orleans streets you can perform on.

Two solo cards include three "robots" to play against, plus info about how to scale the difficulty.

Each player gets three Player Song cards that only they are able to perform.

Ability Songs and Hit Songs give you special benefits.

Each player gets a reference card.

Plenty of change to earn while you play!

It's a small thing, but there are more than enough baggies to sort and store everything,
except the larger Crowd and Player cards.

Brightly colored Energy Tokens for each player.  Note that the blue player gets white tokens.

Mood Tokens, Standard Tokens, and two Fluffins the cat tokens (these aren't used in the game).

Here's everything you get in the box!

Everything bags and sorts nicely.

And it's all back in the box.

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