Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Press Release - The Game: Face to Face - Delayed until June 2!

The Game: Face to Face

Delayed until June 2!

From Pandasaurus Games:

Global shipping has been under quite a bit of stress for the entirety of 2021. This has affected all types of shipping and created a domino effect of delays across the board.

Our shipment of The Game: Face to Face has been stuck in Montreal for weeks, and just now began showing signs of movement again. We are pushing the release out two weeks from May 19 to a new release date of June 2.

Of course, it's possible that it gets held up somewhere else along the way, in which case we will make another announcement!

We're completely sold out!

The game hasn't even released yet and we are completely sold out at a warehouse level. We are no longer accepting pre-orders on our website, but instead directing fans to pre-order/purchase the game from their local game store.

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