Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Press Release - Introducing Bright Eye Games, a new publishing studio!

A Brand New Studio

Introducing Bright Eye Games, a new publishing studio focused on fun & accessible board games to play
with friends and family.

United Kingdom - May 11, 2021. Bright Eye Games is a new UK-based board game publisher and localisation partner founded by some of the team behind PSC Games. They believe in bringing friends and family together to share in the joy that great gaming experiences have to offer. Bright Eye Games will publish fun and accessible board games covering a broad range of light-hearted and interesting themes that everyone can enjoy.

Mark Cooke, CEO, is enthusiastic about bringing this endeavour to life, “We’ve got a fantastic lineup of games coming from some very talented designers.

Claire Kelton, Commercial Director, says about this new venture, “I can’t wait to publish games that I can play with my family, I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or my kids!”

Will Townshend, Chairman, shares his excitement, “We are hugely looking forward to bringing some excellent game titles to market to be enjoyed with family and friends alike.”

A few of the upcoming titles from Bright Eye Games:

Waggle Dance, designed by Mike Nudd, also known for Dice Hospital, allows players to efficiently and strategically control worker bees to build a beehive, collect nectar, and make honey in order to outmanoeuvre your opponents. This 1-4 player Euro-style worker-placement dice game has stunning artwork and interesting gameplay that appeals to gamers of all ages and experience levels. There are many paths to a sweet victory and it’s every beehive for themselves!

Termite Towers is also designed by Mike Nudd and builds on Waggle Dance by adding a new layer of mechanisms that allow gamers of all ages to enjoy even more strategic gameplay. It introduces 1-4 players to the world of efficient and dedicated builder termites, aiming to complete their section of the mound first. Players are gathering resources from the wood pile, hatching new termites, and training soldiers. Who will be the ter-mightiest?!

CoraQuest is the highly anticipated lockdown Kickstarter hit designed by Dan Hughes and his 8-year-old daughter, Cora. A co-operative dungeon crawling game for 1-4 players where kids and grown-ups play together. Avoid traps, find treasure, fight monsters, and sometimes rescue a gnome called Kevin! Spark your imagination by creating your own heroes, monsters and adventures that will truly make your CoraQuest experience unique, time and time again.

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