Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rolling Seas Crowd Sale Stretch Goal Maps Complete!

I have completed the five PnP maps for Rolling Seas that I promised as stretch goals for the Crowd Sale!  We hit 5 Discount Tiers, so I made three standard maps and two with the exploration bonuses.  These are the designs that were voted as people's favorites.
Dice Islands

The Jolly Roger

The Kraken

Hello Octopus!

Space Invaders

The game is scheduled to be sent out in early June (the current estimate is June 11), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be sooner than that.  The Game Crafter often works through their queue pretty quickly, but there are often other factors that can delay or speed up this estimate and they do have a few other large orders in the queue before Rolling Seas.  

Once I get a shipping notification for the game I'll add the downloadable PnP maps to both the Rolling Seas game page (so you'll get a link in your account pages) and on the Rolling Seas page on GJJ Games.  I'll also post to Facebook so you don't miss out on anything.

Did you miss out on the Rolling Seas Crowd Sale?  You can still get the game!  And it'll still come with access to these PnP maps AND the special promo cards (until the Crowd Sale ships - I don't want to take a chance of the Crowd Sale supporters not getting the promo cards in their orders).

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