Thursday, August 26, 2021

Press Release - Altenor Secrets is coming to Kickstarter in September!

Intense battles, flying, a circular board to tame... Altenor Secrets is coming to  Kickstarter in September! 
2-4 players, 45-90 min, 14+, On Kickstarter as of September 14th

Altenor Secrets is a competitive battle game that takes place on a circular board made of moving rings. Paintable miniatures sculpted by Big Child Creatives and the endless tower of Altenor set the scene for this game in the Atoriums universe. This  first game from Power of Gamers offers two game modes: The Arena for competitive games and The Ordeals for more casual  players. 

A fusion of game mechanics in the heart of a rich universe 
Developed in the mysterious medieval fantasy world of Atoriums, Altenor Secrets is the first release in what is sure to be a rich  and varied line of games. 

Designed for 2 to 4 players, Altenor Secrets is a mix of different game mechanics: macro strategy, bluffing, anticipation and a  touch of luck are needed to win Arena matches. A unique and atypical board, hyper detailed miniatures, an original alliance of  miniature game mechanics, video games and board games gives players a feeling of familiarity and innovation. 

An innovative circular board, asymmetrical play, epic action, fight in the tower of Altenor! 
Altenor Secrets is a dynamic game similar to video games in its structure. The main feature of the game is a circular game  board made up of different rings divided into grand halls.  
Each ring can rotate, creating a highly modular board that serves as a battleground for player-controlled adventurer guilds.  Winning requires capturing magical artifacts called atoriums, controlling grand halls, being quick or even engaging in combat.  

To win, players will have to adapt to the changing situation, survive flooded or booby-trapped rooms, understand their  opponents' targets and find the right strategy. May the most astute player win!  

In September on Kickstarter, the community will have choices to make 
Power of Gamers intends to innovate in the field of board games by being in constant contact with its community. Their choices  will guide the evolution of the universe, beginning with this first Kickstarter campaign. 

The choices of the members, players, readers or painters in terms of history and game mechanics are integrated into the  research and product development process. In addition, Power of Gamers sets no technological limits to inspire its community  and make gaming experiences evolve: several innovation projects on new components and new technologies are currently  being tested.  

Atoriums: a deep universe, built to last and to evolve with its community 
Atoriums is a timeless medieval fantasy world with a large element of mystery where movement plays an integral role. As long  as you move, you are alive. Designed to be scalable, expansive, and full of possibilities, there are complex kingdoms, races,  factions, and characters.  
An atorium is a magical object in perpetual motion. These rare artifacts can measure from a few centimeters to kilometers in size.  Atoriums placed in mechanical or organic receptacles provide energy, power and other unique properties.  

Tempting but risky! Grafting atorium is not easy and if the movements of your object weaken or stop, the consequences are  deadly.  

On this planet, we find the Kingdom of Altenor. The heart of this Kingdom is a thousand-year-old city built on a gigantic atorium.  It is made up of large discs pierced by towers, one of which plunges into the depths of the earth and is lost in the clouds. The  discs and the rings of the towers are in perpetual movement, like a giant clock.  
Some places of the structure are dungeons in permanent flux. The city spreads out over the structure and has attracted  inhabitants of all kinds for ages. It is a place of life, military, magical, political and religious power, and it is here that players will  have fun.

A young ambitious French company, surrounded by the best to combine dedication and passion
Power of Gamers launches its first game, Altenor Secrets, in its first universe, Atoriums. 

This French company was born from the desire to share exceptional moments with friends and family around board games. The  goal of Power of Gamers is to develop fantastic and evolving universes that will host innovative games. Like a tv series, you  will be able to follow the evolution of the stories and characters from one game episode to the next.  

Cedric has always been a gaming enthusiast. He surrounds himself with passionate professionals. In particular, exceptional and  renowned authors and artists in design, sculpture and animation. We can list, among many, the Spanish studio Big Child  Creatives for the design and sculpture of game miniatures and Andarta Studio, a dynamic and talented French team for 2D and  3D animation.  

Alexandre and Zoé, the first two employees, are equally involved and are at the heart of the project. A lifelong fan of strategy  and games, Alexandre brings his experience of the market and his time at the American giant of miniatures, Games Workshop.  Talented graphic designer and fan of alternative universes, Zoé gives life to the ideas. Several co-authors work on the literary  creations and on the game mechanics. Finally, a dozen specialized consultants bring their specific and targeted expertise. The  team will grow rapidly over the next 3 years: full time hiring and inclusion are part of the company's values.  

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