Thursday, August 19, 2021

Press Release - Goliath Coins, a new series of RPG coins, live on Kickstarter!

August 19, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
For Immediate Release
Goliath Coins are the newest series of coins released by Mythic Nation. They are incredibly detailed, large metal coins inspired by D&D 1E - 5E, Pathfinder, and other fantasy themed role playing games. Each side of the coin has amazing 3D sculpted artwork.

Goliath Coins are primarily designed as a collectible display coin for RPG gamers and fans. However, they can also be used as game markers, first player tokens, game props, or Dungeon Master/Game Master awards and gifts.

Each coin comes with a display stand. Coins are 2.25 inches in diameter, weigh almost 3 ounces, and are about 5 mm thick. They are made of a solid zinc alloy metal.

This will be the 15th Kickstarter project by Mythic Nation. The coins will be delivered by the holidays.

Mythic Nation owner Joe Ward said, “I have been designing coins for over 10 years. I believe these are the best coins we have produced. The large size of the coins really allows you to see the 3D detail.”

Goliath Coins is currently 7x funded and all Stretch Goals have been “Unlocked.”

Contact: Joe Ward
Phone: (626) 290-4540

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