Saturday, August 14, 2021

Weird Giraffe Games Launches 10th Kickstarter, Wicked & Wise, Designed by Fertessa Allyse

August 4th, 2021. US-based board game publisher Weird Giraffe Games is launching their 8th Kickstarter in August 2021. The game, Wicked and Wise, is a trick-taking game, in the same vein as classic games such as Spades and Hearts.

Designed by Fertessa Allyse, Wicked and Wise puts players into teams of Dragons and Mice, who are working together to expand the Dragon’s Hoard. Dragons play cards and try to win tricks; mice play their cards and use special abilities in order to give their Dragon partner an edge. 

At the end of each hand, the winning pair can choose to get gold or treasure. The treasure cards provide the dragon with powerful special abilities that they can use in future rounds. But, the team needs to be careful - whatever they don’t choose goes to their opponent!  

The teams vary based on the total number of players in the game; some player counts require a player to play two hands of cards (the “Duel”). The game also includes additional rules that can limit the amount of “table talk” between the partners in a team. 

Wicked and Wise is designer Fertessa Allyse’s second Kickstarter game. Her first Kickstarter game, Book of Villainy, was launched by Gold Seal Games and funded on July 1st, 2021. 

Art for Wicked and Wise was created by acclaimed artist Beth Sobel. Sobel has also created art for a number of other board games, including Herbaceous, Cascadia, and Wingspan. 

Wicked and Wise launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday, August 11th. Inquiries for more information and press contacts can be directed to Weird Giraffe Games Founder, Carla Kopp, at 

See more information on the Weird Giraffe Games’ website

The Kickstarter is found at this link:

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