Polyhedral Series

The Polyhedral Series:
This is a series of games that I'm working on that revolves around a set of polyhedral dice as the only, or primary components.  These are in various stages of completion.

Click through to each game's individual page for FAQs, details, and more.

Polyhedral Potions
 - Using just a set of polyhedral dice and a score pad, players use the dice to draft ingredients, craft potions and poisons, and use them as distillations and fulminates. 
Polyhedral Perils - A micro press-your-luck game for 1 or more players that only requires a set of polyhedral dice and something to keep score with.  In Polyhedral Perils you and any other number of players are heroes whose hobby is exploring dungeons, battling the monsters who dwell there, and bragging about your exploits.  But who is the greatest hero?  You decide to hold a competition to determine, once and for all, who the greatest hero is, if you can survive that is.

The Champion's Journey expansion is included and features a map of The Kingdom of Petitia that you can adventure through in a quest to defeat the evil Demgop at MiniSkull Castle.  The Champion's Journey is a solo campaign game version of Polyhedral Perils.
Polyhedral Predicaments - This is a series within a series!  These are small, 18-card games that share similar mechanics as you go on adventures and survive disasters.

Polyhedral Predicaments - Dungeon Demise - This is the first game in the Polyhedral Predicaments series.  You are a hero delving deep into a dungeon in search of treasures.  You'll encounter a maze of rooms, each with a powerful enemy, weapons and tools that will help you on your journey, as well as coins and gems.  Collect what you can, survive if you are able, and defeat the dungeon boss at the end to earn a trove of valuables!

Other Games in the Polyhedral Series
  • Polyhedral Prix - PLAYTESTING - A racing game for 2-4 players where a set of polyhedral dice represent your gears and speed as you race three laps around a course.  But be careful, each space on the track has a stress limit and if you exceed it you'll receive damage and have to head to the pits for repairs.  As laps progress you'll add obstacles to the track.  The first one to finish three laps is the winner!
  • Polyhedral Predicaments - Sinking Survival - PRE-PLAYTESTING - The second in the Polyhedral Predicaments series.  A solo game where you are attempting to escape a sinking ship while rescuing survivors.
  • Polyhedral Predicaments - Pirate's Plunder - IDEA PHASE - The third in the Polyhedral Predicaments series.  You are a pirate attempting to collect treasure while avoiding the Kraken, Davy Jones, and other monsters.  This may be a true multi-player game in the series.
  • Polyhedral Pickup - PRE-PLAYTESTING - A simple roll & write game about trying to complete as many numbers as possible on your score pad within a set number of rounds.  Uses just a set of polyhedral dice and a score pad.
  • Polyhedral Pressure - PRE-PLAYTESTING - A dice drafting game for 2-4 (or 6) players using a set of polyhedral dice, a few decks of cards, and a number of tokens.  Players try to be the first to empty their deck of cards and score the most points.  Each turn players will draft up to 3 dice, rerolling as the dice pool empties.  Then, combining dice values, cards, and abilities, they try to acquire other cards for points. 
  • Polyhedral Properties - IDEA PHASE - Hopefully, using the same decks of cards and components as Polyhedral Pressure, this would be an area control game about purchasing and developing property to increase its value.

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