Wednesday, August 24, 2016

People Behind the Meeples - Indie Game Designer Interviews - A New Blog Series on GJJ Games

I've been toying with an idea for a while now about doing game designer interviews here on GJJ Games.  I've seen several sites that have done that in the past, but they've always focused on the big names in game design.  I've seen interviews with designers like Knizia, Leacock, Cathala, Lang, Garfield, Rosenberg, and many others that you'd probably also know just by their last names.  But the modern game design movement is so much more than these big names.  In the past 8 years or so people all over the world have been working on designing games and seeing their dreams come true as they watch people have fun playing something they created.  Whether they've gotten games published or not, game design is about more than just becoming a household name among gamers.  It's about solving puzzles, creating experiences, and spreading the joy of games.

Starting in a few weeks I will be starting a blog series, titled People Behind the Meeples.  This will be a collection of interviews with indie game designers, published or not.  I have a Google form questionnaire that I'm asking designers to fill out and then I'll be posting the interviews with the designers here on GJJ Games.  I already have a number of designers that have filled out the questionnaire!  This will be a great way to highlight some of the lesser known designers in the community and some of their really awesome games.

If you're interested in being featured you can fill out the questionnaire below.  I will contact you before I post your interview to make sure nothing has changed (like current games being worked on) and to get a picture to include.  If the questionnaire below doesn't work for you, you can download a copy of the questionnaire here: Game Designer Interview Questions.docx and then email it to me at
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