Monday, August 15, 2016

Rollet - Back on Kickstarter!

Designer: David Harvey
Publisher: Et Games Limited
A game I reviewed back in January is back on Kickstarter.  Rollet has been available for sale via the Et Games website:, but now they are looking at wider distribution and are running a Kickstarter campaign to bring Rollet into more homes and also fund a luxury edition that includes height adjustable feet and a spirit level embedded in the frame.

Rollet was on Kickstarter a few weeks ago and the campaign failed, however it was just picking up a lot of steam in the last week after great reviews by Tom Vasel and a few others.  Well, they're back again with a cleaned up campaign page, lower funding goal (because they got a large wholesale order in that is helping to offset some of the goal), and a slightly cheaper pledge level for the game (£47 instead of £52).  And the best part is, as of this post, the game is only a couple pledges away from funding!

Rollet holds the distinction of being the highest rated game that I've done a Full Review of, earning a whopping 87/100 points!  So take this opportunity to grab a copy for yourself!  Tom Vasel said he and his daughters enjoyed this more than Crossfire, even more than Klask!

So go read my review and then consider supporting Rollet on Kickstarter!

Rollet is available right now on Kickstarter at a substantial discount!  Through August 9, 2016 you can get a copy for £49 (that's about $58), almost 45% off!  (Or less if you snag an early bird!)  The game should arrive in time for Christmas, and I know from experience that this makes an AWESOME Christmas gift!

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