Friday, August 12, 2016

Unboxing - Grifters (Kickstarter Edition) - by Indie Board and Cards

Designers: Dave Fulton
& Jacob Tlapek
Publisher: Indie Board and Cards
Unboxing - Grifters (Kickstarter Edition) - by Indie Board and Cards

Back at the first Protospiel event I ever went to, in October 2014, one of the very first games I played was called You Dirty Rat.  It was a ton of fun and introduced a mechanic they were calling Hand Building.  It's kind of like Deck Building, but you don't have a deck, instead you have a hand of cards that you work with and choose what to play each turn.  It's a really innovative mechanic and I really felt the guys at Jacksmack Games had a potential hit on their hands.  They ran one Kickstarter campaign that fall and it was surprisingly unsuccessful.  After a few months they regrouped and came back with a second campaign that seemed to be doing pretty well, but wasn't exploding by any means.  Mid-campaign they canceled the campaign, announcing that the game had been picked up by a publisher!  Apparently at last year's GenCon Travis from Indie Cards and Games gave You Dirty Rat a try and saw the potential in the game.

Fast forward a few months and You Dirty Rat was renamed Grifters, moved from the noir theme and setting into the growing Dystopian Universe (which includes hit games like The Resistance and Coup), given fresh artwork, and backed by Indie Boards and Cards.  The Kickstarter that IBC ran was hugely successful, earning over $66,000 on a $5,000 goal!  This is a really awesome game that I can't wait to get to the table in its final form.  It arrived in my mailbox today and I'm excited to show off the gorgeous components that are included in the Kickstarter Edition!  (The retail edition does not contain the promo cards or the thicker player boards - retail will have cardstock player boards.)

So, enjoy your first look at Grifters!

All the contents, including Kickstarter promos.

The retail version will have standard cardstock mats, not the linen embossed boards.

Kickstarter Promos on the left.
Kickstarter Promos

Kickstarter Promo Cards

My only issue with the box and insert design is that the tokens don't have a nice place to sit
without taking out the insert or shifting things.

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