Wednesday, March 3, 2021

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rolling Seas has been signed by Nuts! Publishing

That's right, you read that correctly!  Rolling Seas has officially been signed by Nuts! Publishing and will be a real game on game store shelves around the world!  Rolling Seas will be my first published game and I can't be more excited.  

Rolling Seas is a 1-100+ player roll & write adventure game about sailing your ship, having adventures, exploring islands, and telling your tale.  It was a semifinalist in The Game Crafter Staff Roll & Write contest and has been extremely well received on PnP Arcade and The Game Crafter (where it will still be available for sale for a while, including a planned crowd sale in April).  

Rolling Seas features:
  • Simultaneous play for any number of players.
  • Multiplayer interaction and solo play.
  • Each game is a new adventure - create a unique map and a tale of your voyage.
  • Plays well remotely over video.
  • Innovative movement cost mechanic based on wind directions.
  • Several planned expansions and map packs!
You can learn more about the game on my Rolling Seas page here or the BGG page here.

Nuts! Publishing is a French publisher of board games and has been around for about ten years.  Though their heritage is war games (both English and French), like This War Without an Enemy, Phantom Fury, and Urban Operations, they've recently started publishing French localizations of some pretty popular titles (including Palm Island, Sub Terra, War of the Ring, Auztralia, and One Deck Dungeon as well as their own line of family games, including the L'Expedition Perdue series.  Recently they've started publishing their own games in English for the international hobby crowd.  They ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for Mini Rogue last year and have several additional upcoming games, including Rolling Seas now.  

Nuts! Publishing has a great track record of producing highly rated games and I'm proud that they've chosen Rolling Seas to be part of their awesome catalog of games.  If everything goes to plan, Rolling Seas should hit Kickstarter in about a year, and then tables about a year after that.  So hopefully everyone can be playing an officially published version sometime in 2023!  Of course, it's super early in the process, and timelines can change at any time, but I can't wait, and I hope you can't either!

And if you just can't wait to give the game a try, be sure to check it out on The Game Crafter.  It'll still be available there for a few months at least.

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