Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Unboxing - Seven Bridges by Puzzling Pixel Games

Seven Bridges features a rendition of historic
Königsberg on the box top.
A few things that I really enjoy: games, long walks, maps, puzzles, math, and history.  Enter Seven Bridges by Ron HallidaySeven Bridges is a roll and write game all about the classic mathematical quandary about the seven bridges in Königsberg, Prussia.  The seven bridges crossed the river Pregel, connecting the two banks with two islands.  For a long time people wondered if it was possible to walk through the city and cross each bridge without crossing any a second time.  It was an unsolved puzzle until Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler proved it impossible in 1736.

The game Seven Bridges takes that mathematical puzzle and turns it into a roll and write game, featuring big, chunky wooden dice, a set of colored pencils, and a historically accurate map drawn by game designer and professional cartographer, Ron Halliday.  Below are some pictures showing exactly what you'll get when you open the box.
The back of the box shows a bit of the game and mentions the historical puzzle that inspired the game.

The box is about 8.75" x 6.5" x 1.75".

Open the box and you'll see a super thick double sided pad with 200 maps sitting on top.

Under the maps is a cardboard tray and the rest of the components.

A nice sturdy tube holds colored pencils so each player has a different color. 
The game also includes an eraser!

These dice are awesome!  Each one is about .75" square.  Plus a mini-meeple is a first-player token.

There aren't many components, but the quality is awesome!

Someone was very interested in the game!  Gracie is only 4 months old,
but I think it's the lack of opposable thumbs that will prevent her from playing.

My cheering squad while I took the photos for this unboxing!  Future gamer(s?) here!
Heck, he already games with me a bunch!

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