Friday, March 26, 2021

Unboxing - Heroes & Villains by Neddy Games Group

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Super-Heroes and their arch-rivals, the Super-Villains, are always popular.  Besides the two major players in this genre (who co-own a trademark on the term "Super-Hero" and its variants), there are myriad other artists creating their own variants of heroes and villains with superpowers.  They just aren't called superheroes (or at least not as part of the product title).  Comics, movies, books, video games, and, of course, board games are full of examples of independent lines of super-heroes.  I've even reviewed some.  

Today we get to take a look at the forthcoming Heroes & Villains from Neddy Games Group.  Heroes & Villains is a card game for 2-6 players that contains a bunch of different ways to play: two players head-to-head with pre-built or constructed decks, multiplayer free-for-all or team battles, multiplayer one-vs-many battles, and even tourneys, drafts, and sealed variants that you'd normally find in CCG formats.  Each player chooses a character to play as either a hero or villain and then gets a deck of cards.  Your cards are your health and you're defeated when you run out of cards in your deck.  The game seems pretty straightforward, but let's take a look at what comes in the box!

You can learn more about Heroes & Villains at the Neddy Games Group website, and look for it on Kickstarter in May!

The box cover features characters from the game in a vibrant display.

The back of the box doesn't really tell you much about the game, but features the components and rulebook.

Inside the box you'll be treated by a full-color rulebook, including a comic book style backstory.

The backstory is a fully-illustrated comic that introduces the characters.

Each character is introduced before you get to the rules.

The rules continue the comic book styling.

The rules are clear and concise and offer a variety of play options.

The back of the rulebook harkens back to classic comic book ads.  You can even order your own Sea Monkeys Chimps!

Under the rulebook is the six character decks and dividers on one side of the box.
There's plenty of room for more decks.  (Stretch goals?)

The other side of the box contains two custom neoprene playmats.

The two neoprene playmats are folded and kept closed with rubberbands.
The playmats are nice and large, featuring artwork from the game.

Each playmat is different!
They're not the thickest playmats, but the colors are bright and clear.

Each of the six characters has their own deck.

Each character's deck has abilities specific to that character.

The divider card for each character is double-sided, featuring both a hero and villain ability.
Here we see Vigilante Justice.

Super Strength gonna knock you out.

Dark Magic controls zombies and more.

Super Speed is gone in a flash zip!

Fire Control is great for your bar-b-que.

Here's everything you get!

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