Thursday, March 11, 2021

Tabletop Game Designers Bring New Quests to Legendary Text-based MMO

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Four new quests arrive to the world of Achaea this March

Thursday, March 11, 2021 — Iron Realms Entertainment, the world's leading publisher and developer of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons), is teaming up with four independent tabletop gaming creators to bring new quests to its text game, Achaea, next month.

The four tabletop game creators will lend their skills and creativity to design four new quests for Achaea. The four creators include:
  • Mark Rapson, Nightfall Games and Terminator the RPG creator
  • Markeia McCarty, Critical Role and Geek & Sundry guest star
  • Tim Lanning, host of the Greetings Adventurers D&D Podcast
  • Aaron Reed, DriveThruRPG top selling creator
Achaea is Iron Realms oldest, and one of the world's premiere multiplayer roleplaying games launched in 1997. Its world features 20 unique classes, 6 player-run cities and interactive Gods with interactions players describe as their most treasured memories during their time in Achaea.

Iron Realm's MUDs have been in constant development for over a decade, offering players massive worlds to discover. The nature of MUDs allows the world to be ever-evolving with frequent events and weekly updates. Players can also find epic PvP combat with thousands of possible abilities making every fight fresh and unique.

"Opening our world of Achaea to a select group of independent tabletop game creators is incredibly exciting for us," shared Iron Realms Entertainment Jeremy Saunders. “We see tabletop fans as a parallel community for text MUDs. These are players who thrive on grand, imaginative concepts and meaningful interactions with the world and with other players. We look forward to seeing these communities try a MUD.”

These quests will be released over March and April to players through Iron Realms' website.  Players can join the world today for free by creating an account and getting familiar with the world of Achaea before the new quests arrive.


Iron Realms Entertainment is the world’s leading publisher and developer of MUDs. IRE was founded in 1995 by its CEO and founder, Matt Mihály, with the goal of producing high-quality MUDs (or text-based MMOs if you prefer) using a business model he pioneered - virtual goods sales.

IRE opened its first text game -- Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands -- in 1997, following it up in 2001 with Aetolia, the Midnight Age, with Imperian, the Sundered Heavens in 2003, and Lusternia, Age of Ascension in 2004. In 2018, Iron Realms released an original Sci-fi game, Starmourn.

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